Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day

Today ended up turning into a snow day!!!  There was a bit of snow fall this morning around 9am but I didn't think much of it.  I went about my morning and took Ethan to his music class.  About 15 minutes before class was over someone came in to tell us the snow was starting to stick and we might want to think about leaving.  I was halfway between my house and Owen's school and the snow was still falling and the roads were getting bad so I made the decision to go pick up Owen early!  I was afraid if I didn't and the snow kept falling, getting him would be dangerous!  It took me 45 minutes to get him when it should have taken me 10!  The roads were SO yucky!
I had all 3 kids home and we all laid down for a nap to rest up for our big snowball fight!!!
The problem is, by the time we woke up the snow had started to melt.... the roads were now clear... if we would have just waited it out it would have been fine to pick up the kids from school at regular pick up but... here is Arkansas.... it is hard to know if the snow is going to stop or keep falling!  And with ALL of the hills between our house and Owen's school, I would rather be safe than sorry!
Even though the snow wasn't deep, the kids made the most of it!  Heck, some snow is better than no snow!!!!  We got all bundled up... in our make-shift snow gear.... who needs snow pants and snow boots when you live in Arkansas.... and headed outside!
Ethan's favorite thing to do outside is swing.... and today was no different!  I'm wondering if he got chilly swinging back and forth in the cool air and sitting still was no way to warm up... but he was having fun so I guess he was fine!  Good thing I put 3 pairs of pants on him!! :)
Owen doesn't have any snow boots that fit... so he wore his cowboy boots!  Hey, whatever works! :)  He also had on 3 pairs of pants since he doesn't have any snow pants!
We invited Stephanie and Timber over to play with us!!!!  It ended up being perfect because when the little kids were done playing, Owen had someone to stay outside with him and play longer! :)
Timber and Addyson worked on building a snow bunker for their snowball fight that was to come.  They wanted something to hide behind!
Owen wanted to make a bunker too and got the idea to roll the snow in a big ball instead of taking snow bit by bit and adding it to the pile like the girls were doing.
The problem is, the snow ball got bit and heavy and was hard for him to push!!! :)
Here are the girls carrying their handfuls of snow.. and Ethan is trying to figure out what he is going to do in this cold!  Chase them, jump on the trampoline, or just stand there!
He opted to try to climb up the slide.... without much luck! : )
Owen needed some muscles behind pushing the snow ball so Timber came over to help him!!
Ethan is really into mimicking these days!  He watched as Owen patted his snow ball trying to move it and adding more to it....
so Ethan started patting the snow ball too!! :)  Monkey see, monkey do!
Then he took his glove off and felt the cold snow.... brrrrrr!!!  What is this cold, white stuff?!?!  While there wasn't much snow, and we really haven't had much snow this year, at least Ethan is getting a little taste of this white, fluffy, cold stuff!!
Kids busy at play!
Addyson working hard to help Timber get her fort big enough! : )
Hey Mom, it is starting to get cold and I can't feel my fingers... wanna go inside now?!?!  The little kids were done and it started sleeting so we took them inside to warm up and I started dinner!
While I was cooking, I heard Ethan screaming and talking to someone but I couldn't figure out what he was doing so I had to go check on him..... "What Mom?"
 Then I saw what he was doing... he was opening up the doggie door and yelling outside to Timber and Owen... I think he wanted to be back outside playing with them!  It was really cute!
The sign of a good, snowy playdate! :)
We followed up the outside fun with a warm, yummy dinner to complete our fun afternoon with Stephanie and Timber.... we are all counting on a snow day tomorrow.... but I'm not sure if we'll get it or not.... so we better go to bed early just in case!!

update- no snow day the next day.... the roads ended up being clear in the morning... bummer!

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