Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Bryant's Visit

Georgia and Josh came to visit for the weekend!  The original plan was for Georgia to come and help me organize the toy room and kids' closets.... she is MUCH better at that than I am.  But, we got to busy with outside activities, catching up, and lounging around.  SO, not a lot of organizing was done BUT a lot of fun was had!!!  They met us at Owen's school for his basketball game where Addyson took several pictures of us and then we headed home for the kids to nap while the guys went shopping at Cabella's!  Owen put himself down for a nap at 9:30 this morning (he was SO crabby while we were cleaning up so I asked him to go to his room for a break... he never came out so I went to check on him and he was fast asleep!!  That explains the crabbiness!!  He slept until I had to wake him up for his game!!!)... SO, since Owen was rested, he got to go to Cabella's with the big guys!!  So fun for him!!!
We fed the kids dinner at home with the adults mingled around and got ready for our evening out!!!  I got a babysitter and had en evening of laughter planned... I think we all needed a bit of comic relief after our crazy week!  For me, Phunbags is just what the doctor ordered!!!  I love this type of improv comedy!!!!
I like to get to the UARK Bowl early and we bring in dinner from a taco place close by!!  I do that so we can drink cheap drinks, get good seats, and not have to rush through our dinner!  It is our little tradition!!! Everytime we  do it we get a lot of comments, "That's a great idea!" but funny that I never see anyone doing it!
We got comfy seats right next to the stage!  It was perfect!! And the company couldn't have been any better!!!  Georgia and I have been best friends since my sophomore year in college when we met in the dorms, we were neighbors, and we have a great time together!  Sharing laughs and drinks is our thing!!!  So tonight was perfect!
The show takes ideas from the audience for their skit and several of our ideas were used tonight making the show SO fun!!!  TO make it even better Josh AND I got up on stage at different times!!!  I don't have a picture of Josh's skit but he provided words for one of the guys during a skit and I was up their for them to sing a song about me!!!  Check it out!!  The kids heard the song and love it!  They ask me to play it over and over again!! : )  What a fun night!
We weren't really ready for the evening to end.... it was a beautiful night and there was SO much to talk about... so we headed out to the hot tub!!!  It is SO nice to share this with our friends!  To be outside where it is quiet, there is no one around, we are pretty much surrounded by nature (since we only have 1 neighbor)... it is so peaceful and relaxing!
We spent Sunday morning and afternoon doing pretty much what we did Saturday afternoon.... a whole lot of not much besides snuggling, playing, and chatting!!!  Pretty much the perfect Bryant visit!!!  Thanks for coming to hang out Josh and Georgia!!  Come back again soon!! :)

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