Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Cookies

After playing outside and a yummy lasagne dinner, we bathed the kids (Ethan REALLY needed it), put Ethan to bed, and told the big kids we had one last surprise for them..... they waited with anticipation trying to guess what the surprise was.... they almost always guess "ice cream".
I told Brad to stand with the camera ready to get a picture of their faces when they saw the surprise... I really wanted Addyson's expression since this was her first time seeing it..... so Brad got my expression that says "Are you getting a picture of this?!?!" and you can't see the kids' faces... but really I needed a video... their excitement was SO cute, Addyson kept giggling!! : )
There were 2 cookie kits leftover from Owen's party the other day and Mrs. N said I could take them home to do with our other kids.... it is about time Owen brings home something for Addyson after ALL of the things she brings home for him!!!  And look.... Owen went straight to work decorating the cookies while Addyson spent her time unpacking it all and opening all of the containers!  Little momma hen! : )
She was so excited by it all that she needed a bit of help from daddy getting started!  I think she could have watched Owen and handed him supplies and would have been happy! : )
Finally she got into it and started making some fun creations!! : )
So many fun sugary selections.... maybe this isn't the activity to be doing before bed!!!  Especially when.....
Daddy shows them how to eat icing right out of the tube!!!  I LOVE Owen's expression here!!! : )  Priceless!!!!
Daddy didn't just show them how to eat the yummy icing straight from the bag.... he helped them eat it too!!!  Great!!!
Luckily Owen was too busy decorating his cookies to worry to much about the icing... at this point.
Then there is Addyson.... ummmmm... "this red icing is SO good!!"
Maybe I should taste the white icing to see if it is just as good as the red.....
... and while I'm at it, I might as well try the pink icing..... not a whole lot of decorating was going on but there was a WHOLE lot of sampling!
Beautiful creation... a much better way to eat the icing... in moderation!
This is a fun (and sweet) Valentine's surprise!
Me and My Valentine... this is MUCH better than a fancy dinner out!! : )
Because really, we've always said we don't need a special holiday to remind us that we love each other.... we don't need to buy fancy gifts or give flowers on this specific day.... we try to do special things for each other all year long... without needing a reminder... which makes those little things that much more special!!!
For us now, more than ever, this day was about the kids and making it fun for them.  Helping them create fun memories of how we celebrated Valentine's Day as a family!!!!
And MANY fun, jaw dropping, and eye bugging memories were made tonight......
as daddy introduced them to his art of eating icing and cookies topped with BIG, TALL piles of icing! : ) (Brad don't hate me for posting this picture... I had to show you were up for the challenge of fitting this tall town of icing in your mouth all at once.... it is for the memories honey!! : )
The heart shaped cookies were gone but there was tons of icing and toppings left and more fun to be had (and I think they were stalling their bedtime) so we got out the Vanilla Wafers, did a bit more decorating, and called it a night.  What a fun day filled with LOTS of pink and lots of fun!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!  Love, The Brewsters!

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