Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Morning

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Waking up to this sweet face... and two sweet boys was the perfect way to start my day... just wish it was at least an hour later!!!!  But, since we were up.... might as well make the most of it.... so Addyson and I got busy make a fun Valentine's day treat!!! : )
We scrambled up some pink eggs (eggs with red food coloring) to add to croissants we had ready to roll up with ham (which is pink) an cheese!!! 
Looks yummy doesn't it?!?! : )
I'm not the mom that goes all out on holidays, remembering every little detail and getting the kids something special for the special day but... I am a mom that tries to make the most out of the special day and will come up with something last minute to make the day special to us... and I think the kids loved it!!!!
While our breakfast was cooking, Owen was busy with his art making hearts for people in his class...sweet boy!!!
And Addyson was busy... in her favorite seat in the house, the counter... going through her Valentine's from the day before!  I felt good knowing it was a special day even though I didn't have a special Valentine's for each child or a special bag on each of their chair... or anything else one could do.  No, it was just what we had around the house... with a twist of Valentine's Day mixed in!  Perfect!
Today was CEO day for Owen meaning he could wear whatever he wanted if he brought canned foods for our church's food pantry... so at school I got a picture of my special Valentine's.... and I'm a sucker for my kids wearing matching clothes if they can!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Funny story... since we were up and going SO early I just got in "go" mode... after we ate I told the kids they needed to hurry and get ready to leave because we only had 10 minutes to which Brad said, "Where are you going?"... it was 6:20.... I said, "We have to leave!".... he said, "You still have an hour!!"  We leave at 7:30!!!  I'm SO glad he caught that or else I'd be waiting in the parking lot for an hour with my special Valentines!!! : )

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