Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ladybug Whisperer

It is ladybug season.... and Owen is the ladybug whisperer!!!!  He found a lady bug in the yard and he got it to climb on his hand!!!
Then the ladybug took a stroll up Owen's arm... and the closer it got to Owen's shoulder... the more wiggly Owen got!!!
He was a good big brother and made sure Ethan got a good look at the lady but... Ethan is going to know a lot more about bugs at this age than Owen did since he has Owen around to catch bugs to show him... something Owen didn't have unless daddy was home!!!
Owen soon realized out backyard had a whole ladybug colony in it so he went to work catching them... constantly giving me an updated number on the number of ladybugs he had in his hand!
It wasn't long before he had 7 in his hand!
And he kept catching them... until it was bath time... and he had 12 ladybugs!!!
Before heading in, Owen let all of this ladybugs go... we really try to teach out kids about catching bugs/animals to look at, enjoy, and learn from but it is always important to let the bug/animal go back to its home so it can live and it also let's us catch it again another day!!!

Sliding Into Spring

The weather right now in Northwest Arkansas is CRAZY!!!  One day it is 30 degrees and snowing and the next day it is 70 degrees and we are outside playing without jackets on... and this is hardly an exaggeration!!!!
When the weather is nice, we rush outside to play and hope that it is a sign it is time to put our coats away.... only to wake up the next day disappointed to see frost on the ground... is this back and forth ever going to end?!?!
As the  kids played outside today, I thought about how they were "sliding into Spring"..... but then I had to stop myself from getting too excited about the nice weather... not knowing if it is going to stay or not!  But I guess it doesn't matter if it is cold tomorrow... we just need to enjoy the weather we have today and not worry about the rest!
This little guy LOVES being outside... and he was loving running around without a diaper... I found him hanging out by the RV... I couldn't tell why he was spending so much time over there... and then I saw him admiring himself in the bumper!!  SO cute!!!!  He was smiling, talking, pointing, and giggling!!  I guess he thinks he is as cute as I think he is!!!
I also realized there was another reason he was standing in one place so long..... can you see what he stepped in... that came from him... man, this is one DIRTY baby... guess that's a good sign of a great afternoon!!!
We had to give him a foot and bottom bath outside before taking him inside to give him a complete washing!!!  Another sign of Spring... kids seem to get more than one bath/ rinse off a day!!!

Hunting Eggs...Again

Hunting eggs this morning was SO fun that the kids wanted to do it again.... so we took our freshly dyed eggs and hid them for the kids to find.... let's get the most out of Easter as possible!
The kids went to the side of the house to hide their eyes so they didn't see where daddy was hiding the eggs.... however, it was TOO easy to peak.. and peaking was SO tempting so mommy had to distract the kids with taking pictures!!! : )
Finally it was time to hunt!!!
This hunt was almost as exciting as the hunt this morning even though this afternoon they knew what they were getting... I guess it is all about the thrill of the hunt!!!
I think we hid the eggs 3 or 4 times for the kids to hunt over and over again....
Until half of them were cracked... then it was time for mommy to take them inside and make egg salad out of them for dinner!!!  Our Easter Eggs came full circle in one afternoon!!!

Dying Eggs

We had family pictures taken yesterday so I waited to dye Easter Eggs until after that!  I remember Owen dying eggs at about this age and ended up going to church Easter morning with his mouth and hands completely blue.... so I figured it might be best to wait to prevent Ethan from being in our pictures and/or going to church with bright blue or pink coloring all over him!
Our Easter Bunny doesn't bring hard boiled eggs in our basket so it really doesn't matter when we dye long as we do it!
And it makes for a great Easter afternoon activity.... especially when the weather is beautiful and we can dye the eggs outside....
and doing it outside really helps with clean-up which is necessary when a certain little someone dives right in to dying activity!
I asked Brad to stay with Ethan to help out... but that didn't last long... Ethan doesn't like a lot of help.. and it was really chaotic and things happened so fast that there wasn't much chance to overt accidents!
Again, thank goodness we were outside.. and I had the kids change out of the church clothes so I didn't have to worry  about that mess as well!
Addyson couldn't dye the eggs fast enough... she was quicker than we were trying to give her tips.  She would quickly drop an egg into one color, remove the egg (almost just as fast), run it over to the drying carton, and get another egg to start the process all over again.  I couldn't get her to slow down and dye an egg multiple colors...she needed to dye as many as she could as quick as she could!  I was afraid she was going to have all the eggs dyed before the boys gone down working on their first one!
The boys were really taking their time, especially Owen, to make bright colorful eggs!

We used the wax crayon to make a special egg for each of us!
Ethan had a blast dying eggs.... so much so that he made a "splash" doing it.... see the colorful paper all around him?!?!  Sure is a good thing we were able to dye eggs outside!
The dye looked SO good he decided to try a spoonful!!!
Not as tasty as it looks!
Addyson wanted to try writing on the egg.... after dying it!
Easter morning started out really wet with rain and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to spend any time outside much less hunt Easter eggs outside.... however, the day turned out to be perfect!!!!  What a great Easter Day!!!  And the pictures below are why we dyed eggs today and not before church!!!  Enjoy!
When you are done dying your egg... you take them for a ride in your car!!! Completes the dying process!