Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Cold Soccer Game

I'm not sure how I feel about this Spring season of soccer!!!  With our crazy "Spring" weather, most of our games have been canceled because of rain OR snow or played in the cold... BRRRR!!!!  I didn't realize I was going to need cold weather soccer gear!  Owen has a winter underarmor shirt on under his jersey PLUS a coat on!! He also has shorts underneath his sweat pants and a red hat to top it all off....... and he was fine..... as long as he was moving!!! I thought Spring soccer would be the best... not too hot AND not to cold.....
But, that's NOT the case!!!!  It is freezing!!!  I would have rather left the little kids home tonight but Brad had to work late so I bundled everyone up and braved the cold..... brrrr... have I mentioned that yet?!?! ; )
At least the little kids were good sports about it.  They, unlike Owen, were not running around to keep warm!  Instead, I had Ethan snuggled up on my lap to try to keep him warm and Addyson was moving around a bit to keep warm... and I had plenty of snacks handy to keep their mind off the cold!!
We also did lots of cheering for Owen to keep us warm!!!  I noticed that Owen is hanging back a bit and not be as aggressive with the ball as he was at the end of last season... I can't tell if that is because he is cold OR he has just forgot some of his skills due to the break!  I hope this weather warms up soon so we can all get into the game!!!
Just as the little kids were getting antsy, the game was over!!!  Perfect timing!!  Not it is time to go to the car and warm up!!!   And yes, Ethan is wearing just socks... and they are Addyson's socks that were left in the car.... I just can't seem to get out the door with everything I need these days... and this cold soccer game was NOT the time to forget socks for poor Ethan!!!  I was just glad to have a spare pair in the car!!!

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