Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Vist with Policemen

We spent this morning at a MOMS Club meeting where we had a visit from our local policemen... and a police dog!!!  And as you can tell from the pictures....
Ethan was SUPER excited to see Asko and his handler Aaron!!!
Asko, I think, was a bit overwhelmed with ALL of the toddlers running around and screaming... and being on slick flooring didn't help with that....And having Ethan constantly in his face probably didn't help either!! : )  But Asko did great with the kids!!!
When Asko wasn't showing interest in Ethan... Ethan decided to get down at Asko's level and hoped that would help him be able to form a bond with the police dog!!!  It was funny to watch Ethan try many different approaches to try to get Asko to like him!!
I was trying everything I could to distract Ethan and give the poor dog a break.  I had no luck... but the minute he saw the girls sitting down waiting for their turn to make their id card.... he ran over, climbed up, and squeezed his way in-between them!!!
Such sweet kids!!!  I love the bond these kids share!!!
The main reason for the poliemen's visit was to make id cards for the kids.  We try to have them come to a meeting once a year so we can get new cards as the kids grow and change!!  Addyson went first!!  First, the get all of the child's information.  Then, they take the child's picture.
And lastly, they get the child's fingerprint.  I love how Ethan is looking on to see what his big sister is doing!!
He was taking notes so he would know what to do when it was his turn!!!  He sat up there like SUCH a big boy!!!
And he did great having his fingerprint made!!!! (I remember Owen {and probably Addyson} was so scared of this when he was little and didn't want to do it.  He also had to sit on my lap to have his picture made... he was afraid of the unknown... but he didn't have anyone going before him to set an example and show that it was safe.... amazing how it is SO different with younger siblings who get to watch and learn from their older siblings!!!)
As soon as Ethan was doing having his card made.... guess where he went.... back to see Asko and Aaron!!!  He was trying to talk to Aaron about the dog... chatting away... it was SO cute!!!  Of course, Aaron looked at me as if to ask "What is he saying?" but I too, had no idea.... I just go with it and assume he was talking about the dog!!
Sweet Asko!!  Thanks for coming to visit us!!!  And thank you to all of the policemen that came to help make our new id cards!!!  We had a great visit with the policemen this morning!

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