Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Addyson's Class Tea Party

This week Addyson's class is talking about the letter "T" so he teachers organized a Tea party with Teddy bears!!!  The kids were asked to dress up in their finest clothes and bring a Teddy bear (or other stuffed friend) to school to have Tea at High Noon!!  Addyson took her Scentsy pig so her friends could smell how good it smells and a Teddy bear she won at the Progressive booth in September.
She also requested to wear her pretty church dress that poofs out when she spins!!!  She quickly showed off with a big spin as soon as we got to class!! : )
The tea party was going to start at 11 when they usually eat lunch but I had mentioned to the teachers that I wanted to try to make it to the party to take some pictures but 11 wouldn't work (Ethan has music class until 11:15).  They said they would wait until 11:30 so I could try to make it!  I'm SO glad they did!!  It was SO cute!!
Mrs. Merrily passed out the lunch the 2 teachers prepared.... mini soy nut butter sandwiches with jelly, oranges, carrots, tomatoes, and cookies.  It amazes how  much teachers spend of their own money to teach our children!!! Such giving hearts!
It was so cute to see the kids get to pick out what they wanted to eat and giggle about the food they were eating!
What a yummy lunch!
Mrs. Merrily and Mrs. Bren had thought of ALL of the details from the table cloth, to the flowers, to the serving dishes for the food, and the pitcher for the Tea!!
Mrs. Merrily came around and pour Tea into the cups the kids had decorated earlier in the day.  Addyson decorated hers pink and purple!!
What do you need to make your glass of Tea complete?!?!  Why lemon, of course!!
And if you are in the south, you need sugar too!!!
Then you mix it all up together....
And give it a try!
A Tea Party with your school friends doesn't get much better than this!!!
All of the kids were dressed up!!!  It was SO cute!  A lot of the girls wore princess dresses and the boys had ties on!!!!  I was SO glad I was there to get pictures of it all!
After all of the serving was done, the teachers sat down and enjoyed the Tea party with the kids talking to them about the letter "T", what they were eating, where the food came from.... always a teaching moment... and it seems as if the children learn best when they don't even know they are learning!!!!  What a fun and sweet way to talk about the letter "T"!!!!
And in case you were wondering where Ethan was..... I asked Rosemary to take him to the baby class with her to "play" so he wouldn't destroy the Tea party and to see if he liked it (I've been thinking about sending him to this class one day a week).... well he HATED it!!!  He cried the WHOLE time.  One, he doesn't feel good and two, I just passed him off to Rosemary in the hallway with no introduction so that probably set him off on the wrong foot.....  Luckily I didn't stay long in Addyson's room and I was able to come save him!!!!  Now I'm not sure if I'll send him to school after Spring Break or not.

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