Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Addyson's School's Easter Egg Hunt

Today, Addyson's school hosted an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  A lot of classes had an Easter party but Addyson's class opted out since they just had a Tea Party 2 weeks ago!!!  However, they did have a pizza party before hunting eggs!!!  A pizza party at school is always a fun treat for the kids!!  A break from their homemade lunches!!
Ethan loves a pizza party too... especially when we show up in enough time for him to eat a piece of pizza with the big kids!!!  I love pizza day too... one less lunch to make!!! : )
After pizza, the kids lined up in the hallway to make their way outside to hunt eggs.... Ethan did NOT want to be left out... and Addyson is always happy to/ encourages him to join in with her and her friends.... I wonder how long this will last!
The weather was perfect!!! A  beautiful day to hunt eggs outside!!!  I had sent both of the kids to school with big, heavy jackets and by 11am I knew they would be too hot in those jackets!  It was beautiful outside with the sun shinning and no breeze!!
The kids got to hunt eggs at the the little kids playground... made for lots of good hiding spots!!
Okay, am I "that" crazy mom?!?!  I am running around like crazy these days to be at all of the kids' events... to watch, to support, and to take pictures.... Addyson asked if I was going to come to her Egg Hunt... since I go to everything at Owen's school... how can I say "no"?!?!  And even if she didn't ask, I was going to be there... I'm always there... and a lot of times, I'm the only parent that is there.  Do I do too much?!?!
Here is how my morning went, drive to pick up carpool, drive to Owen's school (40 minutes in the car), take the little kids home to get ready for the day, take Addyson to school, take Ethan to music class, rush to Addyson' s school to make it in time for the Easter Egg hunt, and finally make it back home by 1.... that seems like a lot of running around for one poor... and very blessed mom!  It is SO hard these days having 3 kids at 3 different places with 3 different schedules... but somehow, I make it all work!  Do they realize how lucky they are to have me at all of their functions?!?!  Probably not!  But hopefully one day they'll appreciate it!
Until then, I just run around like a crazy lady to support each kid!!!!  At the end of the day, I'm exhausted but, I wouldn't trade this for anything!  Because before you know it.... they are big... this little guy... waiting outside the fence... waiting for all of the eggs to be picked up so he can go in and play.... before I know it, he'll be in there hunting eggs with the big kids...
Pretty soon, my baby will be at school with his friends, doing fun things, and I'll be there taking pictures documenting it all.... because that's what I do... I'm "that" mom!
"Look what I found, Addyson!"
While I'm busy being "that" mom, I'm also busy capturing sweet moments between best friends!!!
I wish I had pictures like these of me and my best friends from when I was little... heck, I wish I had pictures like these from when I was older too... so Addyson, when you are reading this when you are 20, 30, 40.... take a minute to call up your mom and thank her (if you wish) for these pictures that document your childhood... heck, Owen and Ethan... if you are reading this too... even though the title only has Addyson's name it.... just let your old mom know that all of her time writing blog posts late at night, tired, with kids running around, with dinner burning, with dishes waiting, with..... let her know it was all worth her time... It'll make her day!!! : )
Because I know... that me being being "that" mom.. made your day!! : )
You loved smiling for me!
You loved showing me what you were doing... you loved me being a part of it all!
And I loved not missing a thing... I think I've been there for every first... at least that's what I tell myself... I've been there to watch you grow up...and you grew up too quick for my liking!!  :)  I think I'd keep you little forever if I could!
Ok, enough of that tangent.... back to the Easter Egg hunt... actually, it is over now.... the kids got to hang out and play after all of the eggs were collected... and Ethan and I took full advantge of being there and enjoying the nice weather!  I sat with the teachers and chatted with them and Ethan went and played with the big kids... and held his own!!!
Addyson made her rounds helping her friends go through their loot!!!  Such a helper... that or a beggar!! :)
My big boy!
The minute I turned my head, Ethan was over by the line of baskets and had dumped this poor girl's basket out... he is into everything.... thankfully Addyson saw it too and she went to the girl's rescue!!  Addyson got the basket from Ethan and helped the girl pick up her eggs!!!  This is when the big kids weren't so keen on having a baby around!!
My big girl... hard to believe that she is the age Owen was when we came over to Sonshine school!  And now Owen has graduated onto big kid school and my little baby is about to join preschool....time is flying!
After the egg hunt we went back inside... Ethan had apparently worked up a hunger playing with the big kids.... he spotted the pizza boxes in the hallway and made a beeline for them... only to find out they were empty!!!
No worries, there was plenty of candy and crackers to go cure the hunger pains!!!  What a perfect afternoon for an Easter Egg Hunt and I'm SO glad I could be there to be a part of it all!!!

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