Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baskets Before Church

Our tradition is to find our Easter Baskets before church and then do a big Easter Egg hunt after church with my family.  Owen went to bed last night with his empty basket laying beside him... he woke up to find it gone and was wondering where it was.... he was excited to hear from his daddy that the Easter Bunny probably took it to fill it and now he had to find it... so off the kids went.... well Addyson had to be carried... she was scared she might run into the Easter Bunny while looking for the baskets so she insisted Brad carry her!
Owen spotted his baster first underneath our dining room table.... he shrieked he was SO excited!
The other kids came running to see what he got....
And they all quickly started to unpack Owen's basket... forgetting that there were other baskets to be found!!!  Ethan had a death grip on Owen's basket and wasn't going to let go for anything!!

I had to pull Ethan off kicking and screaming (thinking to myself, boy, this Easter sure is fun... the Easter Bunny should have planned that one better and had Ethan find his basket first!!!)
... thankfully Addyson quickly found Ethan's baster and started unpacking it for him and pointing out items to  him to get him distracted!
The boys sat down and went to work seeing what their baskets were filled with while Addyson still had to go hunt for hers....
Finally she found hers hidden in the toy room and she was able to join the boys and see what she got!
"Super Hero stickers!!!"
"A Hello Kitty toothbrush, just what I wanted!!!  I love Hello Kitty!!"
The Easter Bunny did good getting small items the kids would love and NO candy!!!  They got their favorite snack, "spicy chips" and yogurt covered raisins and then they got stickers, a tooth brush, sand toys, and another little toy!
Ethan spotted his favorite snack, yogurt drops, and he was done looking through the baskets... he brought me the bag to open and he wanted up on the couch so he could relax and enjoy his snack!  This was his ideal of a perfect Easter morning!
Before getting ready for church, we were able to play with our new goodies!!!  Owen and his daddy had his Super Hero tops duel!
Ethan played with his new ball!!
And he also wanted to give the tops a try!!
The best part of the whole thing, the smile on their faces!!!!
Happy Easter, Everyone!

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