Thursday, March 28, 2013

(Big) Guy Time

Brad asked if he could take Owen out for some one-on-one time this afternoon and I thought it was so sweet of him to offer that.  Addyson seems to manage one-on-one time throughout the week, if one of us is running an errand or something she demands to go with.... Owen, on the other hand, is happy to stay behind so it seems like he doesn't get as much alone time with us parents.  However, he is SUPER excited to go with if it is a planned event!!!  This afternoon I had to get him out of school a bit early to go get a shot... he was SO brave for the shot (after begging the nurse to be gentle!).... so I told him he could go to his daddy's work early to go hang out and wait for daddy to get off.  Daddy was in a meeting when we got there but no worries, Owen took the iPad and hung out on the couch in Brad's office and waited!  He also go to sit in on one of daddy's meetings before leaving for the day!
 After a long afternoon at work, it was time for dinner!  The guys loaded up in the car and started to drive with nowhere in mind to go.  Brad asked Owen what he wanted for dinner and said, "You can choose Daddy!"  How sweet is he?!?!  So Brad picked a favorite of theirs BBQ!!!  They ordered a HUGE rack of rib with side and ate it almost all gone!!  Owen wanted to bring me home several ribs... but he kept asking for another... he was a hungry guy.... and turns out he was able to save ONE to bring home to me!! :)
After dinner, Brad asked Owen what he wanted to do... at first, Brad suggested going to a movie but the movie didn't start until 7... and during the week Owen is in bed and asleep no later than 7:45... so I told Brad I was afraid Owen would just fall asleep during the movie and not really enjoy it so they should do something sooner, more active, and come home by 7:30.  They tossed ideas around when Owen finally suggest/ asked "How about bowling???"  Perfect idea!!!
 Owen knows the drill... he needs a light ball, a ramp, and bumpers!  Everything he needs to have a Tie game with daddy!!!  He was SO excited they got the same score!!!  He came home to tell me all about it!!!
One last stop before heading home... to get dessert of course!!!  They went to Shake's where Owen ordered a "Bopper"!!!  He knows that is mommy's favorite so he also ordered a "Bopper" to bring home to me... along with the leftovers from dinner he insisted saving for me!!!  SO sweet!!!  I'm so glad they got to go hang out this afternoon... and I loved hearing stories from both of them about how their afternoon went!!!  It won't be long before Ethan will be joining them for Guy Time!!!

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