Sunday, March 17, 2013

College Royal

This morning we bundled up... in what little winter clothes we brought with us (we were told it never snows this late into March so just bring up jackets and we'd be fine.... it has snowed every day since we've been here and there is standing snow on the ground!!!).... and we headed to the campus of the University of Guelph for College Royal!
College Royal is a bit like our Farm Friends back in Arkansas, but at a much bigger level.  The event is spread out all throughout the campus with several activities going on at one time from pottery making to a dog show to animal displays.  It is a weekend long event that is free to the public!
Since it was freezing outside and we didn't have the proper gear to walk from building to building we picked out the couple of buildings that were close to each other and had animals in them for the kids to see.  Ethan LOVED seeing all of the animals!  His response is SO funny.... he laughs at most of them.
And he loved being able to see the animals up close!!!  He wasn't afraid of any of them!!!
I think a family favorite were these cute alpacas!  Their face is SO adorable and they are pretty friendly as far as farm animals go.  We ended up talking to the people at this booth the longest and came home and researched how to have an alpaca farm..... wonder if that will be an adventure in our future?!?! ; )
You might be wondering where Addyson is... she was really busy collecting ALL of the brochures from every booth.  Her arms were FULL of paper!!!  She got recipes, coloring books, tips on cooking food, tips about farming.... if it was there to be taken...she took one... for her... and one for Owen.... and one for Ethan... and one "just in case". : )
She likes animals... but prefers ones she doesn't know to stay at a distance.  But really, she isn't as into the animals as the rest of us were.  But, she did pause to learn about Friendly the teaching cow that has a whole in her stomach for learning purposes!!!  Pretty amazing!
I think Ethan was the biggest fan of this event.  If we were moving quick enough through the exhibits he wanted down so he could go look on his own!!!
Some of the animals were just for looking, then we went over to the petting farm and the kids got to interact with some other animals. At the pig pen, the kids had to put on boots and a lab coat before going in to touch the animals.
Owen even got brave enough to go touch some of the sleeping pigs.... until this one got up and grunted at is walk towards Owen... then Owen turned and ran out of there as fast as he could!!! : )
I didn't think Addyson was going to give it a try but after she saw Owen do it she got up the courage to go in and pet a pit!
And she was even excited to do it!!!  Cutest pig farmer I've ever seen!! : )
At the petting farm, Ethan was obsessed with the horse!!!  He wanted up so he could see the horse but as soon as the horse came over to say "Hi" he pulled back.
But he got brave and reached out for the horsey!
There was another horse the kids were not afraid of.... this pretend riding horse!!!  The kids got to get dressed up and "ride" this horse!!!  SO cute!!
After a successful ride, the kids got a ribbon (all of the students had gathered all of the ribbons they had earned throughout their years of horse shows and were giving them away.  So sweet!!).  Addyson was SO excited to FINALLY earn a ribbon (remember she had to watch Owen "win" one after basketball and she was wondering when it was going to be her turn!!)!!!
Then it was Owen's turn!!!  Boy, he gave that horse a run for its money!!!  He is a natural jockey!
Such a big boy! (especially looking back a pictures from last year's Farm Friends... I see how much he has grown... actually all of my kids are just growing up before my eyes!!!!)
He, too, was excited to win a ribbon... this was his first ribbon and he was very proud of it!!!
Ethan had enough of the fake horse, he wanted to go back to see the real one!!!  So he took Opa over there and had Opa pick him up for a up-close experience.... again, the horse got to close so he wanted down....
But as soon as Opa put him down..... he wanted back up!  He wants to be big and touch the animals but he is a bit hesitant at first and as much as you think he is done and wants down... he doesn't!  He loves the animals and the ability to pet them or get up close to them!
Before leaving, Addyson wanted to go see the pigs again.. Secretly, I think she wanted to get another bottle of hand sanitizer they were handing out after you petted the pigs.  She is super obsessed "han-a-tizer" as she calls it!!!  She is constantly reapplying her "han-a-tizer" and insisting everyone else needs some too... which is probably true after our visit at College Royal!!!
What a busy and fun morning!!!  I'm so glad we were here to experience it!!!  By about noon, the kids were all done and ready to go..... guess it is a good thing we didn't plan on going to more exhibits!!!!

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