Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dying Eggs

We had family pictures taken yesterday so I waited to dye Easter Eggs until after that!  I remember Owen dying eggs at about this age and ended up going to church Easter morning with his mouth and hands completely blue.... so I figured it might be best to wait to prevent Ethan from being in our pictures and/or going to church with bright blue or pink coloring all over him!
Our Easter Bunny doesn't bring hard boiled eggs in our basket so it really doesn't matter when we dye long as we do it!
And it makes for a great Easter afternoon activity.... especially when the weather is beautiful and we can dye the eggs outside....
and doing it outside really helps with clean-up which is necessary when a certain little someone dives right in to dying activity!
I asked Brad to stay with Ethan to help out... but that didn't last long... Ethan doesn't like a lot of help.. and it was really chaotic and things happened so fast that there wasn't much chance to overt accidents!
Again, thank goodness we were outside.. and I had the kids change out of the church clothes so I didn't have to worry  about that mess as well!
Addyson couldn't dye the eggs fast enough... she was quicker than we were trying to give her tips.  She would quickly drop an egg into one color, remove the egg (almost just as fast), run it over to the drying carton, and get another egg to start the process all over again.  I couldn't get her to slow down and dye an egg multiple colors...she needed to dye as many as she could as quick as she could!  I was afraid she was going to have all the eggs dyed before the boys gone down working on their first one!
The boys were really taking their time, especially Owen, to make bright colorful eggs!

We used the wax crayon to make a special egg for each of us!
Ethan had a blast dying eggs.... so much so that he made a "splash" doing it.... see the colorful paper all around him?!?!  Sure is a good thing we were able to dye eggs outside!
The dye looked SO good he decided to try a spoonful!!!
Not as tasty as it looks!
Addyson wanted to try writing on the egg.... after dying it!
Easter morning started out really wet with rain and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to spend any time outside much less hunt Easter eggs outside.... however, the day turned out to be perfect!!!!  What a great Easter Day!!!  And the pictures below are why we dyed eggs today and not before church!!!  Enjoy!
When you are done dying your egg... you take them for a ride in your car!!! Completes the dying process!

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