Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

After church, we went to my mom's for a yummy brunch of stuffed french toast, fruit salad, and eggs!  Owen wanted to know how we would know when the Easter Bunny was done hiding eggs so we could go find them.  We figured the Easter Bunny would be done hiding eggs when we were done with breakfast and had the table cleared..... Ethan didn't want to wait for the table to be cleared!  He was ready to go!!
Once we were all done, it was time to go check!  Do you think the Easter Bunny came?!?!
Let's go see!
We see some!!!!!  The Easter Bunny came!!!!
Ready, Set, Hunt!!!
This was Ethan's first hunt that I figured he'd be able to do most of it on his own....
Turns out, he could do it all one his own!!!  He knew exactly what to do!!
He found the eggs, picked them up, and put them in his basket all on his own!
I was helping Ethan but I don't think he needed me!
The only thing he really needed help with, but he didn't think he needed help with, was carrying his basket!  The Easter Bunny brought him a lot of fruit pouches and they are a bit heavy and were weighing his basket down.  I tried to take some out to carry them and he threw a fit, he took my hand and put it over his basket so I'd put the pouches back in there!
I also wanted to help him where the ground was a little uneven... I didn't need him falling and getting hurt and crying on Easter!
His basket was SO big and heavy that it was starting to get in his way and trip him up while he walked.. but he was loving every second of this hunt and I couldn't slow him down!
The big kids were sweet with him, if they found something they thought he would like they came over and put it in his basket!
The Easter Bunny doesn't only bring candy, s/he also hides toys and coloring books!
Did we find everything?!?!  If so, it's time to head back to Nammie's to go through our loot!!!  Trying to get this clan all over to Nammie's house was almost as bad as herding cats!! ; )
Can you guys hurry up?!?!
Nammie was trying to help Ethan with his heavy basket, he did end up falling earlier and scraping his elbow so we were trying to prevent that from happening again, but, Ethan didn't want help!!!  He didn't want his basket taken from him, he didn't want items taken out of his basket, and he didn't want Nammie holding on to his basket.... so he growled the whole way home!  Right now he growls if he doesn't get his way.... so he growls a lot!! : )
As soon as we walk in the door, the kids went to the living room and dumped out their baskets... well everyone but Owen.
With everything all over the floor, it was hard to keep track of what belonged to everyone!
But our clan is pretty good about sharing so everything worked out just fine!!!
Puffs!!!  Yummy!!
I think I'll start eating my goodies now!
Owen was the smart one!!  He turned his back to the circle and opened his eggs one at a time and kept everything in his basket so it didn't get mixed up with the other stuff!!
What a fun egg hunt for the kids!
Now it was the adults, or big kids' turns!!!
I was sad to hear that there would be no hunt... I was looking forward to what will probably be my last big kid hunt in a long time.... but the ground was really wet and the kids barely made it through the hunt without getting really dirty... so mom had a different idea... we drew eggs out of the cooler...
And depending on what was inside our egg, we got to draw a prize out of a bag that was covered up.  Not the pushing and shoving we usually do to get eggs (funny how us siblings never really grow up!) but there was still a lot of trash talk going on and talk of cheating... how we cheated I have no idea... but we seem to come up with crazy ideas of how to banter back and forth!
Even though the kids had already had their fun, it was hard for them to sit back and watch the adults play a game and not be allowed to get involved....
so Brad and I ended up letting the kids pick for us!  Addyson picked for me and Owen picked for Brad!
They loved it and they picked us out some good stuff!!!
Ethan could have cared less about what was going on inside.  He just wanted to be outside with his Easter basket and his egg that was full of baby puffs.  He just hung out and ate his puffs and did his own thing!
He would go outside for 5-10 minutes at a time and we would kind of forget about him... he is really easy going and can hang out doing his own thing....
Then he came inside to check in... and I saw something on the side of his face.... what was that??? He didn't have any chocolate in his eggs!!
Then he turned to look at me... he had a HUGE brown smear on his forehead... if my mom had dogs I would have feared the worse!!  Somehow he got mud on him... but just on his forehead... I have NO idea how that happened but at least he wasn't a complete muddy mess!!
Giuliana also enjoyed Easter... her first Easter!!  Next year she'll be up running with the rest of them!
Ethan sat down next to Mary to share his puffs with her... such a sweet guy!!!
What another amazing Easter Egg Hunt!!!

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