Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating Cereal

 These two are two peas in a pod these days... I really worried how Ethan would fit in with my tight knit older two... I didn't think about Addyson when Owen was at school.... it actually worked/works out perfectly.... When Owen is at school, these two do a lot together!  I thought it was SO cute when they sat down to eat their breakfast together!
 Not only is Addyson a great friend to Ethan... she is a great helper... if Ethan needs something, Addyson is there to help him......
 So when Ethan decided to dump his cereal onto a plate and eat it with a fork but was having a hard time stabbing the cereal, Addyson was there to help!!!  And she was determined to get it done!  So when she was having a hard time stabbing it too, she took a short cut and picked up the cereal to stab with a fork!!!
 "Yay, there is cereal on my fork!!!  Thanks Addyson!!!"
With these two, no task is ever easy or straight forward... a task as simple as eating cereal gets turned into a complicated event... but they have fun doing it and get the task done as well so I guess that's all that matters!!!

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