Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ethan and Opa's Dogs

Ethan LOVES dogs... so when he saw that Opa and Nina had 2 dogs he was beside himself!!!  He chases them around non-stop!  Thankfully, Britt is good with him... even if he doesn't have food...
but, she especially LOVES him too when he has food....
.... and even more so when he is willing to share his food with her!!!
Then there is Max.... Max isn't a fan of kids!!!  He gets nervous every time we come visit.... he really hates it when the kids run, scream, or act like they are hurting Opa or Nina!  He often growls at the kids and has nipped a time or two!
However, if Ethan has food it is a different story!!!
If Ethan has food, Max is more tolerable of Ethan getting close to him....
... especially if he thinks Ethan is going to share his food! 
I think the trip to having a stress-free trip is having Ethan walk around with food so the dogs tolerate him!!!
Thankfully Opa likes to spoil his dogs... so there is no such thing as too many treats!!!
"Will you be my friend?"
Then my dad thought it would be cute to put the leash on Britt... and Ethan followed her everywhere!
He was SO proud to be walking the dog!!!
.... or trying to get the dog to walk... Britt wasn't a huge fan of this game!!
So we decided to give Britt a break and give Max a try.....
Poor Max... he already hates kids... so tying him up to one is his worse nightmare!!!!
Okay, back to Britt.... maybe walking her outside will make her happy!!!
Off she goes... can he keep up?!?!?
Ethan is in heaven with Opa's dogs!!!  I just hope they/we survive a week of Ethan and his dog obsession!!!

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