Monday, March 4, 2013

Ethan is 17 Months

This smiley guy is 17 months old!!!!  16 months was a bit of a rough month and the day he was actually 17 months was as crazy as the days leading up so there was no "photo shoot"... and looking back it might be hard to remember exactly he accomplished this month (I keep telling myself to keep a running blog post going and just add to it all month long but keeping up with a daily blog is hard enough.... forget trying to have the foresight to write ahead!).... but I'll do my best to try to come up with all he had learned/done!
 This month we worked on night weaning with a good week or two of successful nights... and I say that loosely!  He didn't nurse... but he didn't sleep through the night either!  He then ended up screaming for so long so many nights in a row that I gave in, brought him back in bed with us, and nursed him!  We all needed some sleep!  I thought for sure all of this was due to teeth but as of now... still NO new teeth!!!  He eye teeth are they want to come through... and he is chewing his fingers like crazy... but nothing!  He also ended up with terrible diarrhea where we had to change him and the sheets once or twice a night and he ended up with 2-3 baths a day!  UGH!!!  So, it has been a bit of a crazy month!
Thankfully he has been okay during the day... he is a bit fussier than usual and wants his mommy more often... but he hasn't had a fever and he runs around and plays so I haven't really known what to make out of all of this mess!!!  Speaking of mess... he LOVES to sweep!!!  He loves to use a broom and he loves to vacuum!!  This is good because he also likes to make a mess!!  He likes to get in my pantry, get out a box of cereal, dump it on the floor, and then vacuum it up!!!
 He likes to snuggle with his big brother... and his sister when she is around.  He has really started to take to them... not only play with them but hang out with them!  It is so cute!  He leans on them, reaches for them, and calls (or screams) for them!  If you ask him where one of them is he will point to them or look for them!  He loves to follow them around and one of his favorite games to play with them is "chase"!  He LOVES to be chased!  If one of them goes into their room and locks him out he sits outside their door and screams until they let him in!  He has definitely turned the corner and plays like more of a big kid now instead of a baby!
He has gotten really good at mimicking!!!  He will copy your facial movements, vocal sounds, and gross motor movements... he is practicing walking a day in a big person's shoes!! : )  He can call the Hogs... both vocally and with his arms!!!  It is SO cute!!!  He knows we all love to see him do it so when he does he has a HUGE smile on his face!!!
 Due to not feeling well, he didn't eat much new this month... actually, he didn't eat much at all!!!  We did have a few instances where he ate new fruit for a first time and liked it but was it.  He actually didn't snack much either... which is why I didn't mind night nursing him again... I needed him to get calories and hydrate someway!
When he does eat he LOVES to use a fork (or spoon)!!  And he is SO good at it!  He can stab things with his fork and eat properly!  Actually, if you forget to give a fork he requests on "uh uh uh uh"!  He doesn't back down until he gets one... he is like this with most thing!  The boy knows what he wants and doesn't back down!  And he is also very purposeful in what he does!  He will pick your hand up and move it a specific way to get you to do something for him!  He will take my hand, tug at it to get me to stand up, walk me where he wants me to go, and then push on me to get me to sit where he wants me to sit!  I'm constantly amazed at what he knows and all he has figured out!
He is a bit obsessed with facial features!!!  He LOVES to try to poke my eyes out!  I was trying to get him to focus on pointing out a nose... trying to save my eyes... and that turned to... he has now discovered his nose... and picking it!  Great!  Not what I was going for!
He has picked up more sounds, words, and signs!!!  He has said, "ma ma" before but didn't use it often... he uses it ALL the time now!!!  I love it... I'm sure it will get old after awhile!  He also chatters a lot!  People often comment on how chatty he is and then say to me, "but I don't know what he is saying" and look to me for answers... I don't know what he is saying either!  But, I do know that he likes you to talk back to him.  So we have conversations back and forth and he LOVES it!  When he chatters he starts a lot of his "sentences" with "ummm".... I wonder where he gets that from!  He says- "cheese", shoes, dog dog, ma ma, da da, "dee doo" (peek a boo), "uh oh",  and please.  He signs- more, please, drink, eat, open, nurse, and waves.  He has started to follow simple requests and tries to mimic things you say!
What are your favorite items in the house? Scooter
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk, water, and milk (whole)
What is your favorite food?  I love meat, cheese sticks, avocados, peas, crackers, and pretzles.
What is your favorite toy?  I like to play with the toy barn that has different buttons to push to get animals to pop out and the toy that is similar to that that Nina got me.
What is your favorite seat?  I like to sit with Addyson in her rocking chair!  I also like to go in Owen's room and sit on his soccer chair!
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson
What is your favorite show? The Lorax
What is your favorite thing? Music, animals, and books
What size clothes do you wear?  I wear 18-24 month clothes but they are starting to get too small.
What is your favorite song? "Let it Grow" from the Lorax!  We do dance parties a lot and when mom turns on the wrong song, I cry!
Where do you like to go?  My favorite place to be is outside!  I like to go in the backyard and swing!
Ethan is a character that has many facial expressions, can make you laugh, can throw a fit, can go with the flow, can be hard headed.... he is many, many things all rolled up in one tiny body!  His personality is really starting to come out and he is really starting to assert himself!!!  I'm hoping that his next month will be easier!  I hope his teeth come through and we can move on!  I need my happy boy back!

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