Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fun Without Mommy and Daddy

3 Days after arriving in Canada, Brad and I had to head to Houston for Brad's work.... we knew we had to go to Houston for 3 days/2 nights so we cleared our plan with my family first.... we drove to Canada to drop our kids off so my family could watch them... this was a HUGE thing for me since this was my first time to be gone from the kids for more than 12 hours!!!  Brad and I haven't gotten away alone since way before Ethan was born!!  I wasn't sure if I/we/ the kids/ my family were going to survive this mini getaway!  I was especially nervous because Ethan was still nursing all night long the night before we left!!!
The night before leaving I gave my sister and Nina the run down on what to do, the dos and don't, and specific instructions to take lots of pictures!  I was nervous to leave but knew the kids were in great hands!!!
Monday morning I nursed Ethan one last time at 5am, sneaked out the door, and woke my sister up to tell her she was "on"!  Brad and I left shortly after for the airport and hoped for the best!  Walking through the airport sans kids felt kind of weird... lonely.... and calm!  I had told Brad the night before that the kids don't really know what to do without me... I'm ALWAYS there for them..... and Monday, walking through the airport  without them... I realized that I didn't know what to do without them... I always have them with me!  Funny how that goes both ways!  I tried not to think too much about it, I had to enjoy my time with Brad..... because I knew the kids would be having fun without us!
I got the report from Becky later that afternoon that all the kids slept until 8.... what?!?!  They NEVER do that for us!!!  She said Ethan woke up shortly after we left but she went in, snuggled with him, and he went back to sleep!!!  Amazing!!!!
TeeTee had a fun first day planned... she had them by herself for the first 12 hours since Opa and Nina were at work!  She took them to Chuck E. Cheese with the help of her friend Josh!  She told me the kids were SO good, not begging for anything and accepting with a smile when it was time to go... music to my ears... I just wish it was always that easy for me!! : )  She also took them to McDonald's for lunch where Owen told me they got to have Sprite because Teetee didn't know that mommy doesn't let them get Sprite! : )
I think by nap time they were ALL ready for a nap... Becky and Josh included!!!  Chasing 3 kids around, especially when you are not use to it, is NO easy task!!!
When it was time for dinner, Josh watched the kids so Becky could cook!  After dinner, Opa was there to help put the kids to bed... I think Opa has the magic touch at bedtime... he is the only one that gets them to quiet down and not ask for this and that over and over again!  My sister went to bed with lots of confidence after a successful 18 hour period... she told me she was even bragging calling herself the "Baby Whisperer"!!!
And then it came......
Ethan's first nighttime fit...... he wanted to nurse and was ANGRY that Becky wasn't providing that for him!!!  He screams, arches his back, tightens up, pulls at your shirt, and did I mention he screams?!?!  For minutes on end.... like 30+ minutes......
and apparently it was SO bad that Becky called Mom at work to ask her what to do.....
seeing how sweet and happy this baby boy is during the day... you would NEVER believe the terror he becomes at night time when he can't nurse.... Poor Becky!!!!!
After 30 minutes to an hour, he usually calms down and goes to sleep.... for an hour or two.... before waking up and starting the WHOLE fit all over again!!!!  Thankfully he usually sleeps until 2 which means you only have to deal with 2-3 fits a night... but those fits feel like they last FOREVER and are exhausting!
But... we all survive them!
And thankfully, Becky only had to deal with it for one night.  The next night Nina had him... she had to go through the same thing as Becky... but again, at least it was just for one night!  And thankfully, it is ONLY at night!!!
During the day(s), the kids were great!  Fun, loving, and easy!  We were able to Skype with them a couple of times and the kids were SO happy to see us!  I was afraid that Ethan would cry when he saw me but he didn't!!!  He was SO happy to see us!  And I was SO happy to see him and the other kids happy... it put my mind at ease and let me enjoy our time away!!!
Thank you Teetee Bec, Josh, Nina, and Opa for ALL of your hard work with the kids!!!  I know they were in great hands and had SO much fun without Mommy and Daddy!!!!

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