Friday, March 1, 2013

Guest Reader

Today my mom was the guest reader in Owen's class.  They are celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday and had asked if anyone would like to come read so my mom took advantage of the opportunity!  We didn't tell Owen we were going to be there so I was excited to see the look on his face when he saw us!
We were in the room when the kids came back from P.E.!  I heard Owen say, "Hey, that's my baby brother!!" as he saw Ethan peeking out! : )  As Owen walked by to go the carpet, Ethan grabbed on as if to say, "Hey, don't forget to say 'Hi' to me!!"  Ethan is really starting to reach out to the older two for love, reassurance, and help!!!
It didn't take long for Ethan to join the big kids on the "ocean" carpet.  He was excited to finally be able to be like one of these big guys... when we drop off in the morning he tries to be a part of their class!!!
However, there was a small problem... Ethan doesn't want to sit for very long... and the minute he thinks you are going to make him sit there (Owen put his arms around Ethan to try to get Ethan to sit on his lap), he wants out of there!!!  So Ethan wiggled to get free!
Since Owen's grandma was the guest reader, he got to sit in a chair beside her while she read "Locket in my Pocket" to the class!!  And of course, Ethan wanted in on the fun too!!! : )
I was hoping Ethan would just stand there and let Nammie read but that would have been too easy!  He wanted the book!!!  He LOVES books right now and today was no different.  He was tugging on the book, talking, and just being an overall distraction so I had to go pick him up and take him to the back of the room and feed him some of the kids' leftover snack from today to keep him quiet!
Owen got to help Nammie read!!!  I hadn't planned on coming today but Ethan had fallen asleep in the car so I had to figure out something to do.... he doesn't transfer well to his bed... so I let him nap in the car while I rushed home to get my camera and then rushed to school to make it in time for the story... and giving Ethan just enough time for his morning nap!!!  Here's the kicker... I went into the house, picked up the camera, and somehow managed to get out the door and left the camera on the counter!!  Ugh!  I have NO idea how I did that..... but at least I had my phone to get some pictures!
Listening to Locket in my Pocket
Talking to the kids about rhyming words and pretend words... so much to learn in a Dr. Suess book!
Trying to keep the baby quiet!
At the end of the book, Nammie asked them what they had in their pockets... all the kids turned their pockets inside out to find empty pockets....
But there was a surprise in Nammie's big pocket for them to put into their empty pockets....
Picking out a treat....
Ring pops!!! : )
What a fun time with our Guest Reader!
The kids LOVE Ethan!!  They always want hold him, help him, take their picture with him.  They call him over, want him to follow them, try to help him.... it is cute to watch!  Ethan doesn't really mind the big kids... as long as they don't try to hold him... which they are trying to do to take their picture with him... he wants to be free to wander around to explore...SO many fun things to do in Owen's room!!
"Let me go Sylvia and Ella... I wanna explore!!!"
Then it was the boys turn to try... Alex asked to have his picture taken with Ethan... again... Ethan was fine until the boys tried to hold him still for a picture... then he wanted to be free!!!!
Since I was up at the school and had about an hour before I had to pick up Addyson from school I decided to treat Owen to lunch!!  I've been wanting to do this all year but with Owen's school being on the other side of town it just isn't that easy to fit into our busy today was perfect!!!  I let him pick where we went... and he picked McD's.... not my first choice but today was special!  I was glad I had packed a lunch for Owen... that's what Ethan ate! : )  We talked about our morning, enjoyed our lunch, and I enjoyed the special moment with my 2 boys!!
What a fun afternoon with my boys and Owen's Guest Reader at school!!!

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