Sunday, March 24, 2013

Headed Home

After 10 days on the road, it was time to head home.  I usually don't like to go home.... I like being on vacation but, this trip was crazy and I've stayed in 4 different beds in 10 days so I'm very ready to get home to my bed and my routine!
I think I'm not the only one that is ready to go back to our routine and our stuff.... I can tell the kids are starting to get crazy!  They need their stuff, their space, their freedom, and their routines back!  I think the one thing that is keeping us all from being 100% ready to go home is work/school!!!
Turns out today wasn't the best day to pick to head home.... one of Brad's biggest fears about heading North for Spring Break was driving in snow... but we were afraid we'd be driving in snow in Canada... we had NO idea we'd be driving in snow in Missouri... and not just any snow.....
a bad snow storm!!!  The snow was coming down hard and fast....
and in a matter of minutes the roads were covered... literally!!!  This picture was taken about 5-10 minutes after the picture above it and look how the left lane is completely covered!!!!  We were driving 30mph for about an hour and we were all just in one lane.  It was terrible!!!  We considered driving straight South and heading towards Memphis to try to get out of the storm (the storm was in our direct route home for most of the trip) but we opted out of that for fear of adding an additional 3-4 hours on top of our already 3 hour addition to our drip to to the storm... I just didn't see it getting us home more sooner....but I wasn't the one driving so it was hard for tell Brad what route to take!
Talking through the pros and cons... Brad opted to stay on our original route and drive right through the storm... due to icy and windy conditions we were pretty strict with the kids and seat belts.... and that ended up working in our favor... Ethan knows how to fall asleep in a car seat!! : )
We had hoped to be home by dinner time.... things didn't quit work out that way!!!!
To make weather matters worse, we lots a windshield wiper in the middle of nowhere!!!  Thankfully it was the passenger side that blew off... but then Brad's kept freezing up!!  Man, it was a HUGE mess!!!  We finally stumbled upon a Walmart (thanks to the Yelp app on my phone!!!) and were able to buy new wipers (thankfully a couple of people braved the storm to show up to work!!!!) which made a HUGE difference on my side.... but they kept freezing up which still posed a problem!!  Brad was having to stick his hand out the window while he was driving to catch the wiper and bang it against the glass to knock the ice off!!!  About 20 minutes after getting new wipers, Brad pulled the wiper right off while trying to get the ice off!!!  Are you kidding?!?!  I had to give him grief about that one!!! : )  Turns out, having to stop for wipers also ended up being a blessing in disguise!!!  When we got back on the highway we notice we missed a HUGE accident by 5 minutes or so... the police weren't even there... so I turned to Brad and thanked him for breaking the wipers!!  That saved us!!!
Our 11 hour day ended up turning into a 13.5 hour day.... and probably 10 of those hours were spent driving in snow and at least 5 of those hours were spent driving in heavy snow!!!!  NO FUN!!!!!
Brad was a trooper!!!  He did an amazing job and never once complained or showed fear....
I would have been a nervous wreck driving in such conditions with these precious cargo riding in the back!!!!  But, we made it home safe and sound.... and before midnight!!!!  Thank you Brad for getting us home (he actually drove the WHOLE trip, there AND back!!!) and  Thank you God for keeping us safe!!!  We are now Home, Sweet Home.... tomorrow I get my wish... we will be back to our routine... and it all kicks off in a matter of hours!!!  Spring Break is officially over!

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