Friday, March 1, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

See the ball beside him and how he is close to the end of the bed... He got up after I left the room to get his ball and made it back up on the bed to nap.. but not very far!! : )
My lunch dates! : )
Catching snowflakes
Snowflakes on the tongue
Packing up our "to go" box!
At our Last Gym'back meet with our friend Timber
Ethan can hold is own against his siblings!!  He DOESN'T back down!!
Story time with Daddy
Her first time writing her name!!!
Our version of a movie theater
Popcorn time!
It's been a LONG week!!!
This is her third outfit of the day... now it starts!!!!
Taking a picture of mommy in the kitchen.
Matching hair styles!! : )
I LOVE chicken wings!
I'll take a picture of you and you take a picture of me... and mommy will take a picture of it all!! : )

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