Friday, March 29, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

The best way to eat your peas.... pick them up using a banana!!!
Monday after Spring Break is hard... poor Owen crashed on the couch as soon as he got home!!
Waking up from a nap is hard... and I guess someone was there to document it!!
This little boy LOVES to play with his sister!!!
He loves to play babies.. even without Addyson.... he often pushes a stroller around or brings me a baby he is taking care of!!
Sweet Boy!
Reunion with Baby Millie at a MOMS Club meeting!
Kid Table at Flying Burrito
If I ask him if he needs a diaper change or I ask him to bring me a diaper... he will!!!!  SO Big!!!
Getting ready for a COLD soccer game!
Learning to write words you have to sound out! 
(brz= birds, fawz= flowers, popsscl= Popsicle)
Addyson's First Sleepover (or an attempt at it!)
Fun with Kindermusik scarves!
I'm in a mood to clear out our fridge, freezer, and cabinet.....who knows what I'll come up with this week!
Brothers pushing Sisters!
She loves to help me at the bank!
Brothers playing.... enjoying a Friday with everyone home!
Little man is ready for the big bouncy houses!
Sliding with Mommy!!!
Always on the Go!
A Patio Cheers!!  The best place to relax on a sunny Friday evening!!!
Monkeys See, Monkeys Do!!!
Let's Play... and let Mommy and Daddy relax!!!

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