Friday, March 8, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Shopping with Mommy and Veronica is really tiring!
Practices writing any chance he gets!
Showing off his snack....
and being silly any chance he gets!!!
Dinner with old friends!!
OH MY Goodness!!!!  It is a Cheerio mess!!! Ethan LOVES to get cereal boxes out of the pantry and dump them out!!! UGH!!!!!
Helping me walk one of our friends to school... such a big girl!
Playing the drum at music class!!! (Ethan is sitting on Miss Amy's lap)
She has taken on the chose of opening boxes we get in the mail.... with knives....
Trying on daddy's shoes... I'll be big enough one day to fill these shoes!!!!
Chopping up the leftover chicken to help make dinner!
Then Owen realized all of the fun we were having and didn't want to be left out!!!
"Mom, I DON'T want you to take my picture..... I got on your lap to nurse!!!!"
Making chocolate (almond) milk for breakfast
Her first ponytail... how cute is she?!?!
Drawing pictures for her teachers... to give with their drinks she bought for them at the store!!!  She is ALWAYS thinking of others!
Sliding into Spring
Should I eat this doughnut?!?!
(note- mommy ended up eating it!!!)
Hey Mom!!!
Mommy and her baby!!
A bit of a blur... that's how I feel about my time sitting down a blogging!!! ; )
Skyping with Opa and Nina..... taken by Addyson... she told them how to pose so she could get them both in the picture!
Pouting... she does this A LOT these days!!!
Don't have enough hands to carry crackers out of the restaurant for Ethan... just use your mouth!

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