Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ladybug Whisperer

It is ladybug season.... and Owen is the ladybug whisperer!!!!  He found a lady bug in the yard and he got it to climb on his hand!!!
Then the ladybug took a stroll up Owen's arm... and the closer it got to Owen's shoulder... the more wiggly Owen got!!!
He was a good big brother and made sure Ethan got a good look at the lady but... Ethan is going to know a lot more about bugs at this age than Owen did since he has Owen around to catch bugs to show him... something Owen didn't have unless daddy was home!!!
Owen soon realized out backyard had a whole ladybug colony in it so he went to work catching them... constantly giving me an updated number on the number of ladybugs he had in his hand!
It wasn't long before he had 7 in his hand!
And he kept catching them... until it was bath time... and he had 12 ladybugs!!!
Before heading in, Owen let all of this ladybugs go... we really try to teach out kids about catching bugs/animals to look at, enjoy, and learn from but it is always important to let the bug/animal go back to its home so it can live and it also let's us catch it again another day!!!

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