Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last Panther Game of the Season

Sniff, sniff.... I can't believe it is the last basketball game of the season!!!  What an adventure it has been!!  From our first game where Owen was pushed and shoved so much he left the game crying to now.... we have all grown SO much!!!  It amazes me how much these little 5-6 years old and their coaches and parents have learned in a few short weeks!!!!  The growth is SO noticeable!
The boys have worked on mastering their dribbling and shooting skills, they have worked hard on guarding their man in their man-on-man defense, and they started running screens and other plays!  It has been amazing to watch!
Owen has gotten to where he makes a least a couple of baskets every game!!!  It has been such a great season!
We have also learned tricks to help keep Ethan off the court during games... and up on daddy's shoulders keep him still the longest!! : )
Don't get me wrong.... he still doesn't stay still very long.... it is a matter of minutes before he is trying to wiggle his way back to the ground so he can make a mad dash to the court to go catch up with Owen!
Addyson has done a great job this season keeping herself entertained with other siblings at the court and by taking pictures!!!  One thing I'm pretty strict on is playing games on my phone while Owen is playing.... does anyone else do this?  I keep reminding her that we are here to cheer on Owen and his team... we are here to support our brother/son and if we have our head down in a phone then we are missing out on all of the action and cheering!
Guarding his man
One last basket before the buzzer sounds!
Great game and a perfect end to a great season Panthers!!!  We are all so proud of you!!
I think the highlight of the game for Owen was getting a medal... he has been asking for about a year why he hasn't gotten a medal or trophy yet... so when he FINALLY got one, his face was beaming!!!  He was SO excited!!!!
Not only that but, the coach got them trophies as well.... double bonus!!!!!  Owen just kept saying over and over again, "This is my FIRST trophy EVER!!!!"  He was bubbled over with excitement!
What is sad is poor Addyson.  She kept asking where hers was and was sad.  Poor thing!  This has been hard when parents hand out snack too.... so I try to make it a point to bring enough snacks for the players AND their siblings... but that was a bit impossible to do with the medals and trophies!  Soon, very soon she'll get her chance.... hang in there Sister!
 The Panthers
Ian, Jack, Hayden
Taylor, Owen
This face says it all.... what a great season!!!!
And to celebrate we all went out for pizza after the game!!!  We let the kids sit at their own table... look at our little princess amongst all of the boys... she can hold her own!!! : )  Now that basketball season is over.... look forward to transition to soccer games!!! : )

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