Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Making Celebration"

Our kids played "Making Celebration" all day today!!!
What exactly is "making celebration"???  Well, that's a good question!  I'm not even sure I have an answer for you but... I'll try.
"Making celebration" consists of getting a box....we are having a lot of shipments come to the house these days so there is NO shortage of boxes.  Each time a new box comes in there is a list of things they do- first, they spot the box outside our door and one of them has to open our door to get it!  Then, Addyson (and whoever is around) gets a butter knife out of the drawer to open it.  Third, they empty ALL of the contents of the box and string them all over our entry way (Please watch the mess if you come in).  Finally, the box is ready to "make celebration"!
My observations of "making celebration" include poking holes in the box with the butter knife, coloring on the box with markers, and having items around you like juice boxes and snack items...
You also take the box to different areas of the house like the kitchen, living room, and toy room.  Sometimes you sit in the box, sometimes you ride on the box, and sometimes you sit on the box.  Sometimes the box is a fort, sometimes it is a boat, sometimes it is a wagon.  But, whatever you are doing with the box, you are "making celebration".

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