Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mom and Dad's Trip to Houston

Brad and I left snowy Canada and headed to warm Houston for 3 days.... we were going for Brad's work but it was also a mini couple getaway!!!  We flew out early Monday morning.... we left while the whole house was still asleep!!!  Uncle Roy is a pilot and he had a flight at 8 that morning so we hitched a ride to Toronto with him.  We made it quickly through Customs so we had enough time to grab some coffee, breakfast, and magazine before boarding the plane!!!  It was SO weird to be traveling without a diaper bag, stroller, and 3 kids!!!
On the plane I was able to read a WHOLE magazine from cover to cover, start a book, AND take a nap!!!  WOW!!!  I don't remember when the last time was I was able read a whole magazine in one sitting!!!
Due to our early flight, we had ALL afternoon in Houston!!!  This was our main time for down time so we tried to enjoy every second of it!!!  Our first stop was lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!!!  We relaxed and enjoyed a quiet lunch that we didn't have to rush through!! :)
We got to start with an appetizer.... wait to eat that before ordering our entree..... and wait to order another drink.... we just relaxed and enjoyed!!!  I was actually able to eat all of my food hot... and without kids climbing all over me!!
After lunch, we did some shopping!  The hotel we were staying at was attached to the Galleria Mall so that is where we spent most of our time since we didn't have a car!  It didn't really bother me because I had planned to get a facial AND get my nails done while we were in Houston since I didn't have much time at home these days to pamper myself!
I just didn't realize that Brad was going to join me in all of the pampering!!!  He has never had a facial before and he isn't a fan of getting a man's manicure... but today was different!
And I'm glad... we were able to relax together... that rarely happens these days!!!
After facials, we headed to get our nails done!!!!  Brad was SO afraid they were going to try to paint his toenails!! : )  He skipped out on the manicure... he went shopping instead while I continued to get pampered!  While I was getting my nails painted, the kids called in on Skype!!  It was SO fun to get to talk to them and see that they were all okay... it put my mind at ease and let me relax that much more!!! 
 After getting our nails done, we found a patio where we could sit outside and enjoy an "Happy Hour" drink, then we grabbed a quick dinner, and we back to the room for an early bedtime!!!!  Whew... what a busy day!!!  It is amazing how much we jam packed into our first day of our mini getaway to Houston!
I was really looking forward to sleeping through the night for the first time in a long time.... but I didn't!  I guess when your body is conditioned to get up at 2am... you get up at 2am even if you don't need to!!!  Not only is my body conditioned to wake up several times a night.... my body is also conditioned to make milk non-stop for my nursey baby.... even when he isn't there!!  Luckily I knew what to expect... I ran into this problem when Brad and I went to Las Vegas a couple of years ago when Addyson was still nursing.... and I came prepared..... it was just SO hard to pour this "liquid gold" down the drain...... : (
Our second day in Houston was spent at Brad's work.  He had some meetings to go to and I went with him.  It was a busy morning/afternoon since it started at 6:30 when we had to catch the hotel shuttle.  I'm not use to sitting in meetings all day so by noon I was exhausted!!!  Our day was over at 3 and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to lay down... I missed my afternoon nap!!!  But there was no napping to be done at 3:30.... 1)I wanted to make sure I could sleep that night and 2) we had one last evening to ourselves before heading back to the kids and we had to make the most of it AND the beautiful weather!!!  We sought out another patio... and it turns out we hit the jackpot!!  We ended up at Kona Grill where they have great "Happy Hour" drink AND food specials!!!  We ate half price appetizers for dinner and again, enjoyed ordering things one at a time and enjoying the ability to relax and take our time at a meal!!!
We headed back to the Cheeescake Factory for a dessert to go to take back to our room to enjoy while we packed up!!!  Amazing how quickly our time in Houston has gone by... I was afraid I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy it knowing our kids might be sad without us... especially Ethan.  Once again, all of my worry was for not!!  The kids were fine... and I was fine!!!  Brad and I enjoyed ourselves and had a great time relaxing and catching up!!!
But we were also excited to get back and see our kids!!!  As much as I think I look forward to alone time, to getting away, I'm really much more excited to get back to my kids... to be together as a family!  So we boarded our plan at 8am after another early morning... I ended up getting up at 3am and never going back to sleep.... with coffee and breakfast in the airport, book reading and napping on the plane, and one last beer together while we waited for my dad to pick us up from the airport!  It was a whirlwind of a trip to Houston, we packed in as much as we could, enjoyed our time together, and looked forward to reuniting with our kids!  Thanks to my family for making this Mom and Dad trip to Houston possible!

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