Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mommy and Daddy are Back

Mommy and Daddy are back!!!  When we walked in the door the boys were at the kitchen island eating a snack... when Ethan first saw us he was eating a cookie and he smiled... then the emotions overcame him... he spit out his cookie and started crying.... it was such a sad cry!  Brad picked him up and Ethan put his head on Brad's should and just sobbed.... it reminded me of a time when Owen was about 18 months old and Brad had been gone for almost a month because of work.... Owen heard someone open our front door so he ran down the hallway to see who it was... when he saw it was Brad he just burst into tears..... that raw emotion for these little ones is such a sweet and sad innocence.  I went to Ethan to comfort him too and he reached over for me... and wiggled himself into nursing position.... and he nursed... and nursed... and didn't want me to get up for over 30 minutes... he was glad to have us home!!!
The big kids were excited to see us too... and we were so happy to see all of them!  They were excited to snuggle on our laps, tell us about days that we were gone, and open up their gifts from us!!!!  Addyson was excited to get her container for Minnie Mouse chap-sticks that came in several colors!! She had to try them all on right away and she had to have daddy try some on too!!!
The sad thing was we came home to a sick little guy... who was happy to snuggle up with his new Phineas and Ferb on the couch and fall asleep!!  Apparently he started to feel sick last night, he stayed on the couch most of the time but they said he ate a good dinner so they didn't worry about him much after that... actually Nina took the little kids to the mall last night to run around while Opa stayed home with Owen and they relaxed on the couch (Opa said at one point he looked up and Owen was standing over him telling him that he was falling asleep and he should wake up!! ; )  ) (another cute story- at the mall Addyson was picking out several items to bring home to Isabella.  She told Nina she needed to buy Isabella something because Isabella was her best friend!  They settled on bring home Isabella some cheese popcorn... but I think Opa ate it before we ever could bring it back to Arkansas... but it was a SUPER sweet thought on Addyson's part!!!).
It turns out though that what Owen had would last much longer than just last night, he was hot tonight and didn't eat much.  Actually, he and I must have both been tired and exhausted, we both fell asleep on the couch even with the other 2 kids running around and being loud!  It was nice to just lay down with my little guy... I know when you don't feel good, you want your mommy... and I hate that I wasn't there for him last night!!
Not only did they have fun while we were gone, I swear they grew up overnight too!!!  Look at this little guy sitting up like a big boy and eating like a big boy with his fork!!!
Eating dinner with Opa... doesn't he look so grown up with his little feet just dangling there?!?!
It always amazes me when I come "home" after being gone for several days and I pick up just where I left off... nothing changes... the minute I walk in the door I'm mommy to 3 kids that need me.... I just right into nursing, getting snacks, changing diapers, and tending to sick kids... but I wouldn't change it for anything!!!  I think we are ALL so glad that Mommy and Daddy are back... even though we walked into chaos!!! : )

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