Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Trip to Indiana

Today our visit in Canada came to an early end!!!  We were up and out the door by 8am.... we thought we had a LONG drive to Northern Indiana to visit Brad's family... we thought it was about 10 hours... probably would have been better to check the map to make sure... but in the end it was better that we didn't... we were pleasantly surprised when we got to town earlier than expected!! : )
It is funny how the ride home seems SO much longer than the ride to your vacation spot!!!  Today we had a sport drive, about 6 hours, but 3 hours into the trip we were ALL ready to get out!!  Tired, crabby, antsy, and DONE driving!  I suggested to Brad that we stop for a long lunch since we were way ahead of schedule... I was starting to feel sick and needed fresh air!  I think part of the problem was we had the heater blasting AND it was really windy so the RV was rocking... a recipe for RV sickness... and a long lunch was just what we all needed to cure that!
We found a quiet little pub with hardly any other guests to stop at.  It was nice because the kids were able to walk around a bit and Brad and I were able to stretch our legs too and chat!  After that, we were all ready to nap and finish out the drive to Indiana!!!
We arrived in Indiana about 3pm... still ahead of what time we'd thought we'd be arriving so we were happy!!!  Brad made a stop to visit one of his grandmas as soon as we got into town.  She lives in a community that has a tiny pond so the 2 little kids and I got out to get some fresh air and run!!!
And play in the snow.... what little was left!!!  Poor Owen is still sick so he opted to stay in the RV and watch a movie... he spent the whole trip here on the couch... I don't think he got up except to go into the restaurant with us and he hardly ate any lunch!  Our original plan was to sleep in the RV for the next 2 nights...... but that plan changed and we were able to get a hotel room using very few points so we took advantage of that.... and after our rocking trip and feeling RV sick and knowing that Owen is still sick... and not to mention our central heater is broken.... I'm super thankful to be sleeping in a warm, hotel room tonight.....
after our dinner out with Uncle Mark, Aunt Cindy and their kids!!!  We went to a local pizza place/ brewery and it was delicious..... poor Owen didn't enjoy it as much as we did.... he put a jacket on my lap, laid down, and feel asleep..... not a way to end a Spring Break!  But at least we are off the road and here in Indiana for the next couple of days!!!

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