Thursday, March 7, 2013

Out for a Drive

The weather was beautiful today so we HAD to go outside!!!  We have kind of gotten into the rut of staying inside in the cold so when I asked, after Owen came home from school, who wanted to go outside I didn't get a great response.  Actually, when I suggested everyone put their shoes on I had some resistance.....Owen is exhausted when he gets home from school!  I'm SO glad I didn't back down..... considering I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and it would be SO easy to stay inside and "chill".... I'm glad I stuck to my guns!!
I insisted we all go together and it was GREAT!!!!  Addyson wanted to drive, Owen wanted to walk, and Ethan LOVES to ride!  It was perfect!
The little kids drove their car on the street and I looked over to see Owen walking in the grass... I wasn't sure why he choose to walk on the grass but I let him do his thing... is it crazy to admit that I was worried he might be bitten by a snake?!?!  Maybe he was walking in the grass to look for animals... I was just praying if that was the case, he wouldn't be bitten by an animal he was looking for!
Stopping to admire each other... don't they look like an old married couple?!?! : )
Addyson has come SO far in her driving skills!!!  It amazes me how much they learn in such a short amount of time!!  It wasn't that long ago that I couldn't stand her driving!!  She was a wreck with her approach of stepping on the gas and letting it off just as quick causing whiplash!  I was SO worried for Ethan!  Now, they just go off and do their thing!  She drives and he enjoys the ride and I try not to worry!!!  The weather is TOO nice to worry about anything!
I soon realized that Owen had more on his mind than walking and looking for animals!  He soon found "litter" in the grass and he started picking it up and throwing it in the car to take home to throw in the trash!  I was SO proud of him.... until I started to worry about the items he was picking up without gloves on!  He talked about protecting the environment, taking care of the animals, and taking care of what God gave us... I just needed to protect him while he protected the things around him!!!  What was really cute was that Addyson caught on to what Owen was doing... she was a step ahead of him since her car was faster then he was walking so if she saw something she stopped her car, got out, called Owen over, and the 2 of them inspected the litter and threw it in the car to take home to throw out!!!  I've got some little environmentalist on my hands!! : )
What a perfect afternoon for a drive... and it was even more beautiful seeing the little, caring hearts inside my kids!!!!  This is just a taste of the great Spring adventures to come!!!

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