Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday in Canada

We had a busy Saturday in Canada and it started with sleeping... at least for me!!!  I haven't been able to fall back asleep after the kids wake up in SO long... so today was SO nice!!  Opa had been promising to take the kids to Tim's, their favorite doughnut shop, and he told them to wake him up as soon as they got up so they could go... I just don't think my dad was thinking it would be 7am when they came bursting through his bedroom door screaming they were ready to go to Tim's!! : )  He ended up holding them off until 9... and Owen was SO good to make sure Opa got Mommy's favorites.. he knows (or has caught on to the fact) that my family likes to aggravate me... and Owen was my protector!!!  Mmmmm.... waking up to a big cup of Tim's coffee was just what I needed to jump start my day!!!
.... and Opa's day!!!  And Tim's doughnuts are just what the kids needed to start their Spring Break!! :)  We were all ready for a great day!
Nina had gotten the kids Melissa and Doug painting kids... and she made the mistake of showing them to the kids yesterday... so they have been begging non-stop to do them since we got here!!  This morning Nina was nice enough to oblige them....
...and the kids were SO excited to start their craft!!  Addyson got a jewelry box to decorate!
And Owen got a race car to put together and paint!
They spent a lot of time, with Nina's help, making the perfect creations!
And while the big kids were busy, Ethan "bee boped" around.... and ate... this boy has turned a new leaf and eats non-stop!!!  Here, Opa is spoon feeding him an avocado while he walks around!
Opa and Nina keep some toys on hand so the kids always go though playing with everything as quick as possible!!!  This includes reading all of the books... which Addyson helped with!
Weekend mornings are pretty relaxing... especially since the adults stayed up to midnight catching up.... they didn't realize that the kids didn't stay up until midnight and they'd be up at the crack of dawn... and full of energy!!!  Uncle De managed to catch a few zs on the couch... even with the kids looking on!
Not only are mornings relaxing... my family likes food... and we graze a lot... and our kids are fans of grazing!!!
I love how Addyson took the spoon to wipe the excess avocado off his face just like I do!! : )
We finally got up and moving... I joked with my dad that I was going to take a picture of him doing dishes for his first time ever!! ; )  He said he was just excited to make the blog!! ; )  We all had lots of prep to do... okay, I didn't do much... I let Addyson do my share and she does a great job with that... my family had prep to do... we had a special visitor coming!!!
That special visitor was Opa Tick Tack!!!  I think the dogs were happiest to see him!!  They know Opa comes with treats in his pocket or bag... and they don't let him rest until they get their first treat!!  This is a cute thing Opa does that I don't want to forget!  He tells me stories of how the dogs in his apartment know him.. and the treats in his pocket!  His neighbor's dog also knows that Opa has treat... that Opa usually puts in front of his door every night for the dog and if Opa forgets the dog whines at his door!!!  This must be where I get my love of animals from!! : )
Me and My Opa!!!!
Three Generations!!!
This is my favorite picture but it is kind of dark.
Enough drinking... more cooking!!!  Opa Tick Tack came over to share a vegan German meal with us!!! 
Dad, Nina, Becky... and Addyson were hard at work all afternoon putting together the yummy spread!!!
While they cooked, the rest of us played!!  Owen showed Opa his new car he made this morning.... I was SO happy to see this since it took my kids a few minutes to warm up to Opa... I was just so happy it didn't really take that long!!!
Before I knew it, it was as if we had never left... as if a day hadn't gone by since our last visit and everyone was just where we left off!!!  Opa was even a kid again playing cars with Owen!
I was sad Oma wasn't there with us...she LOVED kids... she only got to meet Owen but she loved him!!!  She would have been playing cars too with them!!!
Cheersing again... what to this time?!?!  Are you noticing a theme of our visits?!?! ; )
I think the above drink involved the use of a lime... and somehow that turned into Owen showing off his skills of balancing a lime on a spoon with the use of his mouth!!!  I love how random objects can be turned into a game!
"Guys, is it time to eat yet???  I'm starving over here!!!!"
I LOVE this picture!!! 
Note- Ethan is wearing the sweater Opa bought Owen when he was Ethan's age!!!
Since I wasn't cooking... I could take pictures!!!  And I had to make sure to include myself in some of the pictures!!!
One of my favorite things about Spring Break, having Owen home all day, every day for days at a time!!!  It has been so fun for me and his siblings!!!!
FINALLY it was time to eat!!!  Take a look at that yummy plate!!!  Red cabbage, Oma's cauliflower, Opa's (my dad's) mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, and "Sausage" balls.  SO yummy!!!
You want to know what Opa Tick Tack's favorite part of the meal was... the same as it ALWAYS is... the dessert!!!  My Opa has a sweet tooth!!!  I love that about him!!!  He keeps his eye on the dessert and isn't afraid to ask when it is time for dessert... even if we are all SO full from dinner.... Opa still has room for dessert!! : )  And when he spends the night... he eats the leftover dessert for breakfast!  My heart is SO full from this awesome Saturday in Canada!!!

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