Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sliding Into Spring

The weather right now in Northwest Arkansas is CRAZY!!!  One day it is 30 degrees and snowing and the next day it is 70 degrees and we are outside playing without jackets on... and this is hardly an exaggeration!!!!
When the weather is nice, we rush outside to play and hope that it is a sign it is time to put our coats away.... only to wake up the next day disappointed to see frost on the ground... is this back and forth ever going to end?!?!
As the  kids played outside today, I thought about how they were "sliding into Spring"..... but then I had to stop myself from getting too excited about the nice weather... not knowing if it is going to stay or not!  But I guess it doesn't matter if it is cold tomorrow... we just need to enjoy the weather we have today and not worry about the rest!
This little guy LOVES being outside... and he was loving running around without a diaper... I found him hanging out by the RV... I couldn't tell why he was spending so much time over there... and then I saw him admiring himself in the bumper!!  SO cute!!!!  He was smiling, talking, pointing, and giggling!!  I guess he thinks he is as cute as I think he is!!!
I also realized there was another reason he was standing in one place so long..... can you see what he stepped in... that came from him... man, this is one DIRTY baby... guess that's a good sign of a great afternoon!!!
We had to give him a foot and bottom bath outside before taking him inside to give him a complete washing!!!  Another sign of Spring... kids seem to get more than one bath/ rinse off a day!!!

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