Saturday, March 16, 2013

TeeTee's Beauty Shop

When I was talking to Opa Tick Tack, Addyson came down to show off her pretty nails.....She had told her TeeTee before coming up that she wanted her to paint her finger nails and she has been looking forward to that!!  I'm sure she asked non-stop until it was time to paint!!!  Look how pretty they are!!!
Addyson told us that Owen was getting his nails painted too (blue and green) so I sent Brad up to take pictures.... you know me, I have to document it all!!!
Well it turns out more than nail painting was taking place!!  TeeTee had a full beauty shop set up!!!  It was a day at the salon in TeeTee's room!!!
Owen got his hair styled with gel and all... that is his favorite thing... he always asks for "gel like my dad"!
Sweet girl waiting her turn..... know that a lot of the pictures from the past couple of posts were taken by Addyson...she is a camera hog these days!!!
Next it was Addyson's turn... she actually  has enough hair to style these days!!!
Look at that hair!!!  Last time we visited, Becky had to stretch to come up with ways to style Addyson's lack of hair!
Sweet hair style... too bad it didn't last long enough for me to see...and this picture cuts off half of the do.... Addyson takes a while to warm up to new hair styles!!!  It took me forever to get her to keep a "ponytail" in... then I changed it to a braid... that too took forever for her to keep in.... so asking her to keep this fancy hair style in was almost impossible!  Maybe next time Addyson visits TeeTee's Beauty Shop she'll keep her fancy hair do in all day!

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