Saturday, April 13, 2013

Addyson's 4th Birthday Party

 Today we celebrated Addyson's 4th birthday with a Little Mermaid themed swimming party at a hotel.  It was great!  We got an early check in to our room so we could get there early enough for the kids to nap and we could set up, get ready, and we didn't have to wake them up too early because we were already there!  It was perfect!  After nap, we loaded up the cart and headed down to start the party!
Ok, so I got a new camera that takes super fast pictures... which means I'm getting over twice the pictures I use to...which means I have a TON of good pictures to choose from and it is SO hard to narrow them down... so here comes another post with A LOT of pictures... sorry!
 The birthday girl in her new swimsuit from Isabella and Isaac!  Ready for some fun!

Ethan's first time with floaties... man, he is getting BIG!
 The pool was a tad chilly so it took some getting use to... thankfully daddy was in the pool to help with that!

I loved the look on Addyson's face every time she spotted a friend for the first time!!!  She was loving seeing everyone!

 Getting splashed by Walker!
It is hard to go from the hot tub to the cool pool!!!
 Brad was SO worried he was going to be the only parent swimming... he tried to tell me I needed to be in my swimsuit too... but I had to take pictures... sorry honey!! ; )
 Hey Isabella, hope on my daddy for a ride!!!
 Saying Hi to Nadia!!! Addyson had several of the girls from her class come!!!  It was so cute to see them outside of class!!!  The teachers were wondering when Addyson's party was because it was the talk of the class on Friday!!!
The other day I was telling Addyson the things I had purchased for her party and I was telling her about water... why water she wanted to know.  I told her I got water for the mommys and daddys and she told me that she didn't invite any mommys and daddys.. she didn't want adults there!  The adults were just suppose to drop off the kids and leave!!!  However, she was kind enough to invite Nammie to her birthday party last night!! : ) Good thing she didn't throw a fit when all of the adults stayed!! : )
She also told me she only wanted girls at her party NO boys... of course she tells me this after I sent out the invites.  She said ONLY Owen and Ethan could come... NO there boys... I tried to break the news to her that we had invited boy friends but she didn't want to hear it.... again, thankfully she didn't throw a fit when boys started to show up... actually she was SO happy to see each and every friend...even the boys!!! : )

 Trying to keep this little guy from jumping in/ slipping and falling!! He was SO brave!!! In and out of the pool with no fear!!
Me and my last baby!  LOVE this picture!
One of the downsides of parties is that I never seem to manage a group shot of our whole family!
I need to get better at taking a picture very first thing before the party starts so I'm sure to get one... because once the party starts it is like pulling teeth to get anyone to take a picture with me!
 Pool full of fun!!!
 Hey mom, you should come swimming with me!
 Warming up... the pool was a tad chilly!
 E's first time to use floaties and a ring... he loved it!

 Silly girl... she knew I was trying SO hard to get a great picture of her.. so she did this!

 Hope a ride on Brad!

 Pizza and veggies were served for dinner!  Everyone was hungry after an hour of swimming!
 I was so busy hosting and taking pictures, I was super thankful that Kellen and Paz helped with Ethan...actually they did much more than this... I had them running around like crazy!!  There were great!!!  I am so thankful I have family around that is able to come and help at parties!!  It really frees me up to help our guests!

 Addyson showing off her strength by picking up Kathryn!!!  Silly girl!
 I'm 4!!!!

 She didn't know what to do while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her!!

 Make a wish!

 These treats were made by Addyson and her Nammie!!!  Addyson got to spend the night with Nammie last night and they went shopping for these toppers to go with her birthday theme and then they went home and made the cupcakes, cake, and 2 types of brownies.  Addyson said she didn't want cupcakes which is why Nammie made a cake for her!!  She loved showing these off to her friends!!!  A special addition to her party!

 All of her friends go to take a pool toy home with them as a Thank You for coming to celebrate with her!
 And then we opened gifts... this is SUCH a crazy event... now I know why I try to do it at home when things are calm... we actually did it a bit late so a lot of her friends had already left.. but it was still nuts!!!
 She is at the where her main goal is to open her gifts as fast as possible.  She rips them open and then goes on to the next.... it is SO hard to get her to slow down and actually see what the gift is!
 We try to slow her down by making her stop to listen to the card and see who the gift is from before she rips into another gift.  It is just a bit frustrating because she opens a gift, holds it up, and then quickly drops the gift on the floor as she opens another gift... I'm SO worried someone will take this personally.... please don't....
Because she LOVES everything... once everything is opened... and as things calm down.. she goes back and plays with her gifts, tries her clothes/shoes on, and inspects everything!!!  She was SO blessed this birthday and she was one very happy little girl!!!
Thank you everyone who helped make this 4 year olds birthday a success!!!  As her and I looked around we talked about how everyone was here because of HER and HOW lucky and loved she is!!
 One last present to open.... it is a baby brother!!  : )
After everyone left, we took EVERYTHING back to our hotel room and started playing!!!  She got a hair dresser kit from cousins Troy and Giuliana... so she had to fix everyone's hair!!
 And when Addyson wasn't looking.... Owen took a quick opportunity to play with her new toys too... my rule is that you do not have to share you new toys on your special day... which is SUPER hard for siblings but I have to remind them that when it their special day they don't have to share either!... however, I do tell Owen (quietly) that he can look at toys she isn't... as long as she doesn't see him... because as soon as she does... she goes after him...even if she doesn't want that toy at that time....
 Fixing Paz's hair....she has much more hair than mommy does to fix!!!
 Everyone was ready to relax after a busy couple of hours!!!!
 We ended up heading back down to the pool to swim... and so Addyson could try out some of her new gifts.... after that, the kids came back up to the room to have round 2 of dinner... I couldn't believe how much they ate!!  Inbetween eating... Addyson would come out and try out a new gift... she was having a blast!!!  And the best part of staying at the hotel was that her birthday fun.. and fun for the whole family just continued!!!
 Happy Birthday Sweet Sister!!!  I hope you had an amazing party!!!!  We all love you SO much!  More than you will ever know!

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