Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Addyson's Sleepover at Nammie's

Every year my mom takes the kids out shopping for their birthday.  They spend the day together doing an activity, shopping for a gift (or two), eating a meal, and getting dessert!  It is always a day of fun and lots of memories!  This year my mom did something different, she offered to have Addyson over for a sleepover... I think she is trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with the kids before we leave!  So she had 2 days of fun plan and it was to start with shopping!
 The funny thing is, is that Addyson didn't really want to go.. she didn't want to sleepover.. she isn't use to going alone... she is use to have at least Owen there for a sleepover!  And she even told me she didn't want to go shopping.  I packed her suitcase and told her it was "just in case" and told her she didn't have to shop either, they could just eat dinner!  It was her day!
Looks like she changed her mind!!!  See, they had a plan and shopping was necessary!  Since they both love to bake, my mom offered for her and Addyson to make the dessert for her birthday party last weekend and so they had to go shopping to buy supplies!!!  But after they bought the supplies, Addyson wanted to beeline back to Nammie's house to bake the cake.. she didn't even want to eat dinner..... gotta love the "one track mind"!!!!
 Again, Nammie worked her magic and took a happy little girl to Burger Life for dinner!!!
 I guess Nammie has the magic touch because when I called to check on Addyson to make sure she was okay and to see if I needed to pick her up my mom acted like she didn't know what I was talking about!  They were out shopping, eating, and having a great time!  And she didn't want to be pick up now... she had work to do!!
 She had cupcakes to make!!!  And the evening wouldn't be complete until that task was done!!!!
 The plan was to bake the cupcakes and cake the night before so they could cool and they could decorate them in the morning as their fun activity!  Before decorating, Addyson helped make breakfast!  Eggs with ham...turns out she just wanted ham... so Nammie kept giving her helpings of eggs and Addyson picked out the ham and gave Nammie her eggs!  This girl knows what she likes!
 And she HAD to eat... Nammie said no decorating until after breakfast.... and Addyson isn't really a breakfast person... it is like pulling teeth to get her to eat breakfast in the morning!!!  But, if there is a good reward at the end of it.... like decorating the cupcakes.. then you can get her to eat.
 I'm sure she would have preferred to have just icing for breakfast!! : )
When they showed up at the hotel with the goodies I was SO impressed!!!  Addyson had so much fun telling me about everything that they made and her special cake because she didn't want cupcakes (and she didn't even eat the cake at her party!)!!  And there were also brownies and peanut butter bars with chocolate!!  So many yummy goodies to share with her friends!!!  This idea was a perfect activity for Addyson's sleepover at Nammie's!

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