Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Celebrating at Addyson's School

The week of celebrating for Addyson is in full swing.  I know this drives Brad crazy but there is really no way around it!  How do you celebrate with your friends if your birthday is during the week and not on a weekend?  How do you celebrate at your school if your birthday is on a non-school day?  How do you celebrate with your family if your dad is gone on your birthday?   My philosophy is you celebrate multiple times and enjoy having the one time a year when you can make the day about you several days in a row!
I asked Addyson what she wanted and she wanted sprinkle doughnuts... but the place close to use didn't have enough so I asked her for her back-up order.  She wanted CANDY..... so again I had to ask her for another suggestion.  We finally settled on chocolate chip cookies.  When she said that a cookie cake came to mind!  Perfect!  Except she told me the 3 boys in her class didn't like chocolate chip cookies so I needed to get them plain doughnuts!  I had to break it to her that I was getting ONE thing so everyone would have the same thing... and I think it all turned out perfectly!  She was SO excited to see me show up at 12:30 with her cake with her name on it!
 The class sang "Happy Birthday" to her... for a second time... and she sat there.  It is funny to see her be the center of attention.... as much as you'd think she likes it, she really doesn't. She doesn't know how to respond so she just sits there expressionless!
 Ms. Merrily is so good with her and knows how to engage her... she has been her teacher for 2 years she finally got a smile out of Addyson!! : )
Can't believe my baby girl is going to be 4 tomorrow!!!  She is growing up before my eyes!!!
 In true Addyson-helper style, she had to pass out the napkins I brought to everyone and she opened them up for each child as well!!!  I think this is where she loves to be the "center of attention" if that's what you call it.  She likes to be the one that helps everyone... and since it was her special day, she got to!!!
Then she surprised me, she didn't eat her cookie she asked for... just like she didn't eat her birthday cake she asked for!  I'm not sure what this is about... but I just couldn't stand to watch her sit there with her head in her hands as her friends enjoyed her cake... it seemed kind of sad to me!
 I know she LOVES icing so I told her she could just eat the icing... and that got her into it!! WHEW!
 And she ate LOTS of icing... I "had" to eat a piece of cookie cake so I could give her the icing off of mine!  I was just so glad I was able to be there and share in the fun with her!  Ethan was in his class which allowed me some free time to sneak away from the craziness of the house to go celebrate with our sister bear!  What a fun little break for momma!
 Happy Early Birthday Baby Girl!!!!

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