Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dallas Aquarium

After packing up, we had plans to do one more fun activity before leaving Dallas.  We loaded up our new double stroller... with 3 kids... this is a good trial run to see how this works when I fly by myself with the kids this summer... and headed to the Ross Perot Children's Museum.
Before going inside to get tickets, we saw there were some fun things to do outside first!!!
The kids (and adults) had fun making music at this large outdoor xylophone area!
Then we walked a bit farther and found this play area with frogs... and blue things in the ground... I assumed they were suppose to be worms but I'm not sure.
The kids had fun running around... until they got cold.  I had checked the weather before leaving town and it was suppose to be in the upper 70s every day we were there so I only packed summer clothes... I didn't plan for cold wind!!! 
 So once everyone was cold, we headed inside to get tickets... only to find out 1) today was a special member's only event and 2) you usually have to call and reserve tickets.... good to know for next time......
Good thing the Dallas Aquarium is within walking distance from the museum so we could quickly change our plans and still have some fun before leaving town!!!
The big kids were disappointed they didn't get to check out all of the dinosaur bones (thankfully there was one skeleton in the entrance so they at least go to see that) but once we go to the aquarium they were in awe!!!!
I wondered how they would do seeing animal exhibits 2 days in a row but they loved it!!!  The atmosphere here is just different enough with some different animals/birds/fish that it was a completely new experience for them!!!
Last time we came here, Addyson was tiny and Owen was still in diapers.... man, how things have changed!!! : )
Owen walked through the aquarium holding onto his chimp from the zoo.... he would hold it up to some of the exhibits to see if he could engage any of the animals/birds!!  It was neat to watch some of the animals reactions to this stuffed animal.  I love to try to bring something shiny to show to some of the primate and birds to get a response from there.... enrichment from the outside of the cage!
There was one area were a lady was sitting and had grapes you could feed a bird... I'm not sure if she is always there or we happened upon her for feeding time but it was cool.  She offered to let the kids feed the birds grapes.  Lucy tried but ended up dropping it and no one else wanted to try.....
besides Brad....
and the bird ended up latching on to his finger!!!
There was a really neat large otter exhibit that we spent a lot of time at... this otter would swim right along the window and almost play with the kids!
They LOVED it!
One of the downsides of the aquarium is that they have really narrow walkways and it all spirals down a tall there really isn't much room to get around people that are holding you up.... and at this exhibit we were holding people up!!!  There was a huge line behind us so we finally had to tell the kids it was time to move on even though they were having so much fun!
Upstairs is more birds and mammals and downstairs are the tanks!!!  The aquarium are set ups are amazing!
Some are just tanks in the wall and others you walk through like a tunnel and the fish swim all around.
And then there is the shark tunnel!!!  A HUGE hit with our group!
We spent a lot of time hanging out here watch the sharks and rays swim around!
Trying to get a self group picture with a shark in the background!!!  I did it!

Ethan loved looking at the sharks for the most part but every now and then one was too much and he would bury his head in Brad's shoulder!
The cutest, tiniest seahorses we've ever seen!!!

"Hey!!!  Look at that!!!!'                                                Uh Oh... maybe I shouldn't point!!!
.... because a bird just pooped on my finger!!!!  Haha!!!
There was a tank that was full of these fish and 2 sea turtles... and when you looked closely you saw that they were injured... now healed turtles that were missing fins!!!   Owen started asking questions about how the turtle could swim if it was missing its fin!!  This was a good time to teach a lesson about adapting!!!
Once again we had a FULL morning where we pushed the kids to the max!! This little guy was asleep before we were even out of the parking lot!!!  I didn't want him to sleep just yet.....
We had to eat lunch before hitting the road to head home!!!  And if Ethan slept now... he would nap on the way home...  the smell of Texas BBQ woke him up!
We stopped at a famous BBQ place that the guys had their eyes on for a yummy lunch before leaving town!!
Bryan's BBQ... we got a 3/4 pound meat plate and their famous onion rings to split with our family of 5 and it was more than enough food!!!  The best part was, they had these neat chairs outside for the kids to sit on so we got to enjoy one more meal outside before heading back home to crazy Arkansas weather!!!
Exhausted and full... we hit the road with the hopes that the kids would nap most of the way..... the big 2 fell asleep before we were out of town... Ethan took a bit longer due to his power nap before lunch.... drives are usually hard at the end of a vacation but this one was exceptionally hard.... we had a BUSY weekend... with no naps.... but it was an awesome weekend full of fun memories!!!  Now back to work and school!

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