Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dallas Hotel Fun

Our kids LOVE weekends away in hotels!!!  And the thing to make a hotel weekend even better... having your cousins there to share in the fun!!!!  We love staying at the Embassy Suites for the whole experience.  Usually the lobby is great for hanging out and letting the kids burn some steam... we do this a lot during the Manager's Reception.  I tell the kids I will pay them to help entertain Ethan and that usually gets us a bit of quiet time!: )
Until Ethan discovers the joy of running around the hotel.... and he LOVES to run!!!  He makes a mad dash for the door or elevator... and we discovered a couple of problems... he is tall enough to reach the button to open the elevator so you HAVE to watch him closely.... and stairs no longer slow him down and buy us time... no... he walked right up the stairs this weekend... ugh!!!  He also discovered how to crawl under the table to find an escape route!!
With SO much energy, we decided it would probably be best to take the kids up to our hotel room so they were more confined.... we got adjoining rooms so it was perfect!!!!
Ethan discovered a love of himself in the mirror!!!  He loved checking himself out and talking to himself!!!  SO cute!
And he LOVES to write.... he loves having a pad of paper and a pen in hand at all times... no crayon or pencil... nope, a pen!

All ready for bed!!!!
5 early risers... Brad was sweet enough to get up with all of them!!
Hotel breakfast.... a favorite for our kids!!!
How many cousins can you fit into Ethan's bed?!?!
After a day of walking around the zoo, we cooled off in the pool!!!
Hanging on to Uncle Brad... trying not to get too wet and cold... the water was really cold for an indoor hotel pool!!!!
Ethan is turning into a water baby!!
Manager's Reception was much more fun the second night...the kids were joined by their animal friends from the zoo!!!
We brought Lucy's birthday gift with us... it isn't often we get to see the kids open up their gifts from us.... she had help opening it up from all of the kids!!  We got her an atlas so we could talk about world travel!!!
All loaded up and ready to pack up after 2 great nights at the hotel!!  Owen asked why we only stay 2 nights in the hotel these days... he is use to us going on long road trips with Brad back in the day!!  I had to explain that now that he is in school he doesn't get to take those long trips during the year anymore!
Going down.... this boy is now obsessed with pushing the elevator button!!!
His outfit of the day complete with his necklace, notepad, and pen!!!  A true business man!
Goodbye Embassy Suites!!! Thanks again for another fun weekend full of wonderful memories!

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