Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doctor Appointments

This week was our week of appointments.  First, Addyson and Ethan had their check-ups.  Addyson had her 4 year old check up.  And she checked out perfectly!!!
She was super brave and stood on the scale all by herself (she didn't want to do this last year) and even let the nurse get her temperature and blood pressure.... actually, by the time it got to be time to take her blood pressure she was SO worked up that her numbers were really skewed so they had to let her calm down and they came back to take it a few minutes later and she did great!  She isn't a fan of doctors, which most kids aren't so I don't worry too much, however, by this age Owen had gotten use to the drill at the doctor's office (and dentist) and Addyson isn't quit there yet!
She is so funny, when I checked in at the counter she said to me, "Mom, don't sign me up!"... sorry honey, I hate to tell you this but you are already signed up! : )  I was having her watch an episode of Doc McStuffins on the iPad to try to keep her mind busy and to remind her that doctors are fun... not sure she was buying it!
She did great for Dr. Keever, she remembers him and knows him and the silly things he does since she has been going to him since she was born.  But, when it came time for shots all heck broke lose!  I feel really bad for her because she just had to get shots a month ago.... my idea of delaying shots is great until you try to move overseas and you HAVE to have all of these shots so we are having to cram them in.... ugh!  But, at least we are getting them over with!  Her blood pressure when crazy again which made her bleed really bad... I felt SO bad for her!  We got her a band-aide, sticker, kiss, and a treat and she was all better!  Glad to have that behind us!
And super thankful for our iPad at times like this! : )
Next up was the dentist.  Owen is now a pro and doesn't even need my help!  He walks in, gets his glasses, lays down, and is good to go.  Today I was extra thankful for that!  I was by myself, had Ethan to manage, and had Addyson screaming and crying.... oh, and throwing up!  Yep, she can gag herself and that's what she did!  UGH!  I was SO surprised!  Her last visit went decent. She laid her head in my lap and at least let the assistant brush her teeth and let the dentist check out her teeth... NOT this time!
So while Ethan was being cute and entertain and Owen was getting his teeth cleaned, I was trying to calm Addyson down, bribe her, threaten her, coax her, everything besides hold her down... which only didn't work because I knew she would throw up again!  She ended up leaving without having her teeth cleaned and the dentist just took a peak inside her mouth... and that cost me $50!!!!  UGH!!  I should have kept her home and gone out for a nice dinner with that $50 instead! : )
Back to Owen, he got x-rays this time too!  He also has a bad gag reflex and putting the slides in him mouth almost made him lose his cookies... however, they are prepared here at the clinic and put a bit of salt on his tongue which prevent him from throwing up!  He is getting so big... and he also looks like Addyson here with that long hair... guess our next appointment should be to the hairdresser! : )
After a perfect from the dentist, the kids get a coin to spend at the little toy vending machine.  Owen was SO excited to get his, he already knew what he was going to get.  Poor Addyson, they tried not to give her one since she wasn't a little angle in the chair.  I told the assistant that I was trying to end on a positive note and she DID let Dr. Ward look in her mouth so we should reward her for that.  At that point the assistant looked to Dr. Ward who okayed her getting a coin.... seriously people, she is 4... and hard headed... let's try to make this as positive as possible and not having her leaving crying because she didn't get a coin!  Anyway, we left with 3 happy kids and one worn out momma!  Next time we go to the dentist, I'm bringing Brad along... especially since I'll have all 3 in the chair then!

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