Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Doughnuts with Dad

This morning was Doughnuts with Dad at Addyson AND Ethan's school!!!  It was fun to have Brad drop off Ethan for his second day of school!!!  I followed Brad to school to trade cars with him so I got to take a group picture before the fun started!!!  Isabella and her dad got there at the same time so we had them join our picture!!!
This year they had the dads go to the classrooms instead of meeting all together in the chapel area so Ethan go to go with to Addyson's classroom!!! How cute are they?!?!  I know Addyson LOVED hosting her daddy and brother in her room for this special treat! She had been talking about it all week!  Notice Brad's tie?!?!  Addyson made that for her daddy that had the invitation to this special morning on the back and she decorated the front of it and Brad wore it all morning!!!  She was so proud of it!
Don't they look SO much alike?!?!  I'm so glad Brad was able to steal a few minutes out of his busy morning to go have fun with the kids.  I'm always so thankful when the school puts on events for other members of the family... I like them to have fun with the kids and see them in their school environment... at times I feel like it is just me having all of the fun and everyone else has to learn about it through pictures and the blog!!!
While the little two were busy with dad, I took this morning as an opportunity to have a bit of one-on-one time with Owen!  Last night our carpool called to say I didn't have to pick up their kids and I was SO thankful... it left our morning free to do whatever we wanted.... so I left it up to Owen... and he picked going to Rick's!!!  We sat down with our doughnuts and he said with a HUGE smile on his face, "Happy Doughnut Day, Mommy!!!"  I asked what he meant by that and he explained that everyone in our family was eating doughnuts this morning so it was Doughnut Day!!!
I also took this opportunity to get a little special treat for Owen's teachers... we brought them each a yummy muffin that Owen picked out for them!!!  I don't usually have time in the mornings to do anything special throughout the year as a little reminder to them that we are so thankful for all of their hard work so I was glad to get that chance this morning!!!  Happy Doughnut Day, Everyone!!

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