Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ethan's 18 Month Check-Up

Today Addyson and I took Ethan for his 18 month check-up.  Poor Sister, she worried the whole way there that Ethan was going to have to get a shot.  She kept asking about it and I didn't want her worrying.... but it was heavy on her mind since her and Owen had to go get shots a couple of week ago.  Thankfully Ethan had no idea what we were talking about... so he had no worries.....
and he did great!!! At his last check-up he cried when I took his clothes off and cried when I laid him down!  Not today!!  He laid there like a big boy and he didn't even cry or squirm when the nurse checked his vitals!!!  I was SO impressed!!!  I kept telling Addyson that he learned from her how to be brave!!!  She then reminded me that she wasn't brave... she didn't like the doctor and she DOES cry when she gets shots!! :)  Oh well, I tried to make her think she was brave... I wanted her to have brave thoughts since I'm bringing her back here at the end of the month for her 4 year old check-up!
Ethan was even brave when they had him sit on the scale... he usually cries and tries to escape!!!  He is getting big!!!
Weight- 27.1 pounds- 66th%
Height- 33.25 inches- 76th%
(I was actually surprised by this... I thought he would have ranked higher... he seems SO big to me.. bigger than the other 2 were at this age!)
I brought the iPad to help distract Ethan and entertain Addyson.. problem is... Addyson likes to play Ethan's game for him... SO helpful... and Ethan wants to  play his game himself!!!!
I really needed it to keep Addyson entertained during Ethan's check-up and shots... when Owen got a shot and was crying, Addyson came up to me and started spanking  me and crying telling me to let Owen go... so sweet how she stands up for him.... so I didn't want the same thing happening.  Of course, as soon as she heard Ethan cry, she came to his rescue and could not be distracted by the game.  Poor thing, she was crying and telling me not to hurt Ethan... at least she wasn't spanking me!
Mommy and her big boy!
Ethan did great during his check-up.  The only time he cried was when the doctor checked his ears.  I thought he had an ear infection but he didn't... his ears must be sensitive or because of his recent ear infections, he is a but worried that they will hurt.  We had a 3rd year med student do Ethan's exam and he looked at Ethan's ear and said, "Oh no, did this come from his ear???" as he pointed to the dried white stuff by Ethan's ear.  I had to explain that, no... that was from breakfast... he puts leftovers in his ears and I don't always get them cleaned up.  Please tell me that is normal!!!! : )  He also cried during shots!!  Poor baby!!!  He had to get a couple and he wasn't too happy about that!  I like to nurse during shots... which really means I nurse at the beginning to try to calm them and then as soon as they get a shot they let go of their latch to cry.... our nurse was new to me and tried to talk me out of nursing.  I told her I heard her concerns but I would nurse.  She kept telling me of chocking.... I explained that he was my 3rd and I've done this same routine with ALL 3 kids and the many times they get shots at a young age... thanks for your concern but, I'm the mom!!!!
Nothing like a Krispy Kreme doughnut to help dry up some tears and make the pain go away!!!  There is a store right by our doctor's office so this is usually our time to get this special treat after shots!  Ethan is prefect and on track (and above) for all of his milestones for 18 months old!!!

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