Monday, April 8, 2013

Ethan's First Day of School

I did it.... after many plans to start his first day (I talked to the Director at Addyson's school several times about having Ethan start but I kept changing my mind), I finally had him start!!  I was afraid today might be a bad day because we are just coming off a long weekend away... but really, will there ever be a perfect time to "pull the band-aide off"?!?!  The big kids were really excited for Ethan and Owen told all of his friends this morning when we dropped them off!!!  Addyson was excited to have Ethan at her school!!!  So we packed up "his" bag (Owen's old bag... I wasn't really planned to drop Ethan off... I really thought I'd wait until next school year.... so he used all of Owen's old labels and preschool items) and headed to school!  His bag was a bit heavy for him so Addyson carried his bag while he pulled hers!
I figured he was ready to go because he has gotten to the point where he hates to leave after we drop Addyson off.  He wants to stay and play!!  He has also given up his morning nap (most days), this was another reason I kept changing my mind... I know they don't really nap at school.  And on top of all of that... I needed to have a small break!  It is a bit hard to get things done because he is SO busy and loves to make a mess so I spend most of my time chasing him or cleaning up after him and I don't get anything else done!!!  So it was time!  He is officially 18 months and that is the time I started the other 2 so I was being as fair as possible in keeping things the same between all 3 kids!
My usual routine is to drop Addyson off first... her door is first when we walk into school... but she insisted she come with me to drop Ethan off... and it was nice to have her with me to help serve as a distraction.  Here's the kicker, Ethan is always excited to run into Addyson's classroom to play.... however, he doesn't know his new classroom so he wasn't as excited to run in..... good thing big sister was there to help lead the way!
Ethan's class if so colorful and full of fun toys he loves so it didn't take him long to walk over and start exploring!!  Whew.... at least I knew they had things to engage him!!
With a still smiling little guy, I had Rosemary (who was Owen's teacher when he was 2 and 3) take a few pictures of us on Ethan's first day!!!
After pictures, I got Ethan engaged on a riding toy... one of his favorite toys.... oh, and he was still hanging on to that dinosaur he found first time... and turns out he carried that around with him ALL day.... and when he was busy exploring all of the buttons on the toy, Addyson and I sneaked out of his room without him knowing.... success!!!!
Or so I thought, after dropping off Addyson, I heard an ear piercing scream.... I KNEW it was Ethan... he had just noticed I was gone!!!  Thankfully that didn't last long, a couple of minutes, and I made sure he was quiet before I left!  Turns out he had a great first day!  He loved seeing Addyson at chapel.  He fell asleep in the middle of the floor while playing.  And he was SO happy to see me when I picked him up.... well really he cried... I know it was an emotional release... but by the time we reached the door to leave he was waving good-bye to people!  I had only planned to take him one day a week... but life is really busy for us right now and I actually  need a couple of days to myself... and the other 2 kids went 2 days a week at this age.... so Ethan will be going back to school on Wednesday... I hope his second day is even better than his first!!!  My baby is growing up!

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