Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ethan's Weekend with Nammie

I guess when you are an "only" child at Nammie's house, you get away with eating breakfast in the living room!!!
Catered breakfast, a good show, and some peace and quiet.... what could be better?!?! : )
What is on his head????
So while the big kids and parents were enjoying a night away, Ethan and Nammmie had their own weekend of fun!  It was good to split up the kids and give everyone some good one-on-one time and fill up their "love cups"!  And I'm very proud of my mom (and Brad) for taking pictures of their fun!  It looks like Ethan and Nammie had good fun!
This little guy is always on the go and he is getting fast!  And notice he is always wearing his red necklace!  He is a bit obsessed with that these days!  Don't dare try to take it from him and/or put it on!  It takes everything I have to get it off of him before he goes to bed!
Sweet boy!
Thanks Nammie for my weekend of fun!

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