Saturday, April 20, 2013

Girls' Weekend

After celebrating Addyson's birthday, we had planned for the following weekend to be a girls'/ guys' weekend with the Dixons.  We are heavy into memory making mode before we leave the states!  Between squeezing in as much fun time as possible with the chores of every day life and the work load of the move...... I got TOO busy to blog.... so I write this post a month and a half late..... I am going to go and try to post about everything that has happened the past month in a half but post are going to be brief so I can get caught up.... because the fun of our move has already begun....
Our girls' weekend started Friday.... Addyson and I packed our bag and headed over to the Dixon's house for a sleepover!  We had big plans to go to Branson for the whole weekend and the guys were going to go camping/fishing and Ethan was going to stay with my mom.... but because things are SO crazy we down scaled our plans and just stayed in town but tried to make it as fun as possible!  Really, the kids just like being together and having fun... they don't really care where they are!  Addyson brought her new camera, I gave her a new hair-do, and the two of them had fun for over an hour just taking pictures of each other!
For dinner we went to HuHot!!!  A favorite of the girls!!!  They love making their own noodle plates.....
but I think they really like to go because they like to get S'mores for dessert!!! :)

 After dinner, we headed home from some more Wii dancing and fun before bedtime.  The girls got dressed up in the matching jammies and giggled until they couldn't anymore!  It was precious to watch... this sleepover was going much better than the last one.......
 For Isabella's birthday last month Addyson was going to have her first sleepover at Bella's house (we were going to miss her party because we were in Canada over Spring Break).  I bought the girls matching jammies for Bella's gift and Addysonw as SO excited.  They had dinner, played Wii, had dessert, and were up WAY past bedtime.  All was well.  Then it was bedtime and Addyson cried.  She didn't want to be there.  Veronica tried to bride her with everything.  Nothing worked.  Addyson actually packed up her suitcase and stood by the door waiting for her ride so Veronica knew there was no talking Addyson out of it and called up Brad to come pick her up!  She came home to sleep and then cried to be taken back to Bella's house first thing in the morning so she could partake in all of the fun Veronica was bribing her with!! : )  So that's how Addyson's first sleepover went........
 This sleepover was a little better because I was there... however, not much different... she still didn't to sleep in Bella's room... so her and I snuggled up for the night.... which was actually kind of nice to snuggle up with her since she doesn't snuggle often!  We actually got a decent night of sleep and slept in a bit before joining the girls for a yummy breakfast before heading out for the day.
With the idea of making "Fayetteville" memories, we headed to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning!  How cute are these best friends walking hand-in-hand!  The thought of the kids leaving their best friends behind makes me sad.  I just pray we are able to make friends like these in Ras Tanura while keeping these great friends back home!
Addyson took her camera everywhere!!!  She loves taking pictures of things!!!  I might have to start her her own blog soon!!!
The morning could not have been more perfect!  Great friends, perfect weather, good music, and an awesome community!
Oh, and good snacks!!! : )
I think this was the perfect way to wrap up Addyson's birthday celebrations and a great way to spend time with our best girl friends (both Addyson and I)!!!  Love these two!!!

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