Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guys' Weekend

While Addyson and I were enjoying time with Veronica and Isabella, Owen and Brad were having fun with Isaac and David!  Before their weekend events started, Brad gave Owen a shirt he had gotten for him during his week in Atlanta!  It was kind of weird to have Brad get home after being gone all week and Addyson and I rushing out the door..... the timing is sort of bad but as we are planning events right not we are realizing timing isn't really ideal of anything!  Our weekends are booking up fast and we just have to go with it and try to enjoy it all!

Tonight at the Natural's game was SuperHero night so the boys dressed up... which you can really see  much because of their jackets (it was a cool evening)... at least they both had masks to show off!
For dressing up they got Natural hats!!!  How cute is this little guy showing off his hat?!?!  I have to say Brad did a great job taking pictures for me all weekend long!!
Posing as Strike before heading home to warm up.... actually, the guys stopped for a second dinner before heading home... I guess the ballpark franks didn't fill them up... and they needed a late night snack!  Oh, the things you can do when you are a group of guys without wives or babies in tow!
On Saturday, the guys took the boys to Razor Fest.  It looks like they had a lot of fun!!!
These two are great friends!!!  It has been so nice having a family of friends where our kids are the same age and gender!  Owen is really going to miss his pal!
After RazorFest, Owen and Brad went to the Red and White game.  They got really good seats because Owen is a member of the Junior Razorbacks!!
I bet he was in Hog Heaven.... literally!! : )
So glad these two got to make some great memories!!!
My little Tusk
Calling the Hogs
And then they were right up close when the Hogs ran out of the tunnel!!!  How cool!!!
Before leaving the field, he got to pet Tusk
I think the stadium, all of the noise, and all of the excitement was a little much... he requested to go sit on the grassy hill and get a slushy! 
Ahhh.... much better... and still a part of the action!
Sounds like it was a great guys' weekend full of fun and memories!

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