Friday, April 5, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

"Cheesing" before school
Sister is always there to help!
Showing me her muscles!
His seat in the bathroom.
Sharing the iPad and a snack!
A mix of holiday gear!
Not afraid to get in the foam pit with the big kids!
Ready to go shopping... with Sister's purse
A game of Bingo after school
Two peas in a pod!
Showing off her birthday card from the Gymback's coaches
At least there is someone around that likes to take pictures of mommy!!
Everyone is reading books (can you see Ethan beside Addyson behind his book??)
Ignore the playroom mess... it is crazy here these days!! : )
Hanging out at Owen's school.... because mommy locked her keys in the car for the second time in a couple of weeks!!
Ethan LOVES to get in the pantry and leave a mess behind!
Mommy didn't want me to nap... she wanted me to eat a snack and watch tv
But that didn't work so well!!!!  Too tired... must sleep!!!
Fresh and clean!!!
 Under Ethan's car seat... think it's time to clean the car?!?!
Helping mommy clean the car... or at least give her some extra mess to clean up!
 Everything that came out of my car....should I be embarrassed?!?
 "Mom, come look at me!!  I'm pretending to be Jesus on the Cross!  See my feet?!?!"
A sign your child goes to Catholic school!
 On the road and ready for a nap!
 Finally made it to the hotel... in time for Manager's Hour!
 SO happy to be out of the car and ready to start our weekend!!!

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