Friday, April 12, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

 Drinks with my (not so) Baby Brother
 He LOVES to make a mess!!!

 And Addyson is right beside him helping to expand the mess.... never a dull moment at our house!
 Car full of tired kids!
Learning about the crested porcupine at the Dallas Zoo
The sound of giggles (and splashing water) was music to my ears!
Headed home after a LONG weekend!
When you are done with your grilled cheese.... stick it in your ear!
Hey Mom... can I have your phone?!?!
The packages just keep coming.....
Driving around with 5 empty car seats... so weird... and quiet!!!!
Feeding Clifford some of his homemade split pea soup.
So proud to be riding Owen's bike... with his helmet on backwards!! : )
A windy dinner at the soccer field!
Going to school is EXHAUSTING!!!
A mini Brad
Proof of who is picking my berries.... Addyson must have taken this picture!!
Someone climbed the ladder when mommy wasn't looking... and he is VERY proud of himself!
Daddy wore his tie to work... and got lots of compliments!!! : )
A VERY yummy dinner... that the boys loved (Ethan especially loved the asparagus) and Addyson said, with folded arms, "This is NOT a good dinner!"  And so it starts!
Helping mommy mail out cards!
Making a To Do list!
How she spent ALL 45 minutes of gymnastics.... UGH!!!!
More proof of who makes the messes in this house... maybe Addyson is on to something!!!
Dinner just mommy and the boys... Addyson is enjoying her birthday sleepover with Nammie
Taking notes before bed.... what should we do this weekend?!?!

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