Friday, April 19, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

 Getting tossed in the air....
 .. is So much...
 Going through the drive-thru at Chick Fil A... we saw Sister inside eating with Nammie!!!
Best Friends
 The youngest cousins!
 Uncle Kellen and Paz took care of me at Addyson's party!!!
 Relaxing in the hot tub after a successful party!
 Always helping, sister lifts up Ethan to reach the buttons in the elevator!
 Dinner with the Rincons
 Angry, trying to escape, and then too tired to care!
 He watches how Owen puts on a helmet and runs around with a football...
 and this little guy wanted to do the same!!  I love how he put the helmet on backwards!! : )
 After owning his prize trophy for 5 minutes, his baby brother got a hold of it... and threw it! : (
 When a bird wakes you up early every day at nap time, mommy moves you to big brother's room where the bird doesn't peck at the window!!
 A great family photo found on facebook!
 Sweet brothers, Ethan is SO happy to see Owen in the morning and after school each day!!!
 Our road is flooding again, almost impossible to drive through after a morning of rain!
 Sweet Sister sharing her new umbrella with her friend!
 Skyping with Opa and Nina for Addyson's birthday!!
 Found 12 pictures like this on my phone!!!  Guess a little someone was taking some self portraits!
 And she also took some pictures of our messy kid tv room!
 Having a picture taken by her friend with her new birthday camera.... check out her new hair-do!!!!

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