Friday, April 26, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Playing Wii
Basketball fun in the morning before school starts
Messy, exhausted, and wearing his necklace!
The best $2 an hour I can spend during this move... my Mother's Helper!!!
Naked and necklace... that's how he takes a bath! : )
His moved into his sister's room to start learning how to sleep on his own!
Breakfast in bed
Getting ready for Rhea Lana... getting rid of ALL of my baby girl clothes! : (
Learning to skate
Tagging at Rhea Lana... Little man passed out from all of the fun!
Took only 3 weeks!
Love me some BBQ!!
Not your typical after school snack
All of our Amazon shipments.... getting ready to pack up!
Trying out iour new sled... going to be use to go down sand dunes in Saudi!!!

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