Monday, April 15, 2013

Living Our Dream

I've been writing this blog post in my head for months... since about mid February when we received the first letter stating that living our dream was SO close to becoming our reality.  I tried to imagine what it would feel like to tell our friends and family our news, I tried to imagine what everyone would think, and I tried to come up with neat ways to share our adventure but nothing really here I sit, writing a new blog post (probably my 125th) to actually be posted for the world to see. But first, let me back up and catch you up a bit so you know where we are coming from. This journey all started about 3 years ago when Brad asked me what my #1 dream was and I told him it was to live overseas with our family.... for me, an adventuresome person this seemed like an easy task however, for my "play it safe" husband, the dream seemed a little harder to achieve.  Plus,  3 years ago wasn't good timing, we had a baby, the opportunity wasn't right and then I was pregnant...and then we had another baby. Fast  forward to December of 2012, it looked like our family was in a good place to explore possibilities of living our dream... and I had had 3 years to talk Brad into how fun it would be and how you only get one shot at this life so we might as well "Go For It"!!! But now, walking that path seemed a bit harder.  In 3 years we had really grown in our family and with Brad's career...we were totally living the American Dream (minus the white picket fence) and it almost seemed crazy to walk away from all that we have created for ourselves in Northwest Arkansas: family, friends, a great school community, a beautiful house, and a great job. But staying here would mean that we weren't being true to ourselves... because the American Dream isn't Our Dream
With saying all of that, I'm SO excited to announce that we are getting an amazing opportunity to live Our Dream...and our adventure is starting soon!!!  Brad recently accepted a position with Saudi Aramco, a former client of his, as a coach and trainer for one of the world's largest oil companies and this position has us moving overseas...and soon. At the end of May, Brad will be moving (and the kids and I will follow at the beginning of August) to.....
Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia!
We will be living in a gated Saudi Aramco community with other expats.  Our kids will attend a private Saudi Aramco school that is set to American standards.  While Aramco has several gated communities, we will be living on the second largest community that is built next to Persian Gulf.  There are many perks of the job/ life style that appeal to us and I'll just name a few
Family Time- everyone (husbands and children) come home for lunch!  And husbands are home by 3:30-4 every day with NO working from home in the evenings!
Adventure- The opportunity to live in a different part of the world opens up the door to do some traveling we might no be able to otherwise.
Our Financial Future- Aramco offers the number one rated retirement plan in the world AND the opportunity to save money is rather easy.
We are hoping that a move like this helps us write a future for us that we have always dreamed of!
Grant it, when I told Brad 3 years ago I dreamed of living overseas, I NEVER dreamed he would tell me one morning that he had an interview with a company located in Saudi Arabia (I was thinking more along the lines of Singapore or Australia) however, now that this opportunity has presented itself, I couldn't be more excited for what is to come!!!  I'm sure there are lots of questions about our move; what I have to wear, our safety, the timeline, and anything else that might come to mind.  Feel free to ask away.  I'll try to address all of those questions in a blog soon.  I just wanted to get our news out there so we could get the weight of this secret off of our shoulders and so we could start sharing our new adventure with you!!!  Please come along for the ride... and let us inspire you to live your dream!


Bonnie King said...

Ambre!!! So exciting! I can't wait to read about all of your adventures! Praying for a smooth transition for you all!

kels. said...

I am so excited for you guys!! What an amazing opportunity!

Angie said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for your family! I agree - I might have liked Singapore or Australia a little bit better, but what's an adventure without an unexpected destination? Congratulations! I'd give anything to take that camper off your hands, but we decided to be frugal and purchase a cabin tent instead. ;)

Melissa said...

That is some secret!!! I can't imagine living overseas - it's just not something I have a desire to do. But for you, being that it's something you want and seem to need, this must feel like a wish come true!

YAY for you!!!

JanealY said...

awayWow! This is great! How exciting!

I know a family that lived in Saudi and they loved it.

Have fun!